4 Top Immune System Boosters For Kids

It is common for preschoolers to fall sick often. My son’s preschool suggests that parents give immune system boosters for kids to keep his immune system strong.


I’m thinking to myself, wow! In my day the school wouldn’t be bothered to advise taking immune system boosters for kids. But it’s great advice. When they’re together, kids pass viruses to one another easily through touch and contact with saliva.

Plus, their immune systems are still developing. Once someone catches a cold or comes down with the flu, everyone gets it. They’re also vulnerable to hand, foot, and mouth disease, which is highly contagious, uncomfortable, and lasts beyond a week. No fun!

I’m not sure all parents know what they should and shouldn’t give. So here’s my take on some popular products parents like to give their children to fend off the threats of a preschool environment.

Millennium (E. Excel International)

Made from cactus, royal jelly and honey, this is a syrup-type preservative-free product good for any age. All the main ingredients are excellent immune boosters for kids. I use this product with peace of mind as it’s also free of added synthetic vitamins.

I give this to my children daily during the school term.

It’s sweet, liquid, and chilled. Your child will love this for its taste. You will love it for its nutrition. Read more here.

Nutriact (E. Excel International)

This is a powder type product containing some of the most nutritious mushrooms around. Mushrooms nourish the immune system because they contain polysaccharides.

As a mushroom product, the taste may be on the bitter side. However, its powder form means you can add it to porridge, pasta, soup, and many other savoury foods. There’s a sweet version, but you’d be better off adding that to fruit juice as drinking it by itself isn’t so palatable.

First Defense (ChildLife)

First DefenseThis is one of the many syrup immune boosters for kids you might find in your local drugstore. From what I’ve read, it’s a popular choice. Besides a few herbs, there are zinc and colloidal silver.

My personal experience with zinc tells me this could be quite effective. As for colloidal silver, it’s really up to you to decide if it’s ultimately good for your child. Some people think it’s scammy, but colloidal silver products have actually worked for some people. I use a colloidal silver cream on my kids’ mosquito bites and wounds to prevent infections.

Click here for more information.

Source of Life Animal Parade Gold, Children’s Chewable Multi-Vitamin & Mineral Supplement (Nature’s Plus)

ChewableKids love chewy immune boosters that taste like gummies! This is another common variety of immune boosters for kids.

The whole food blend of this product looks promising. But I’m not so sure about the added beta-carotene, vitamin C, and various other vitamins as synthetic vitamins carry an overdose risk.

However, if your child is vegan, you could very possibly consider this as an option. This product contains iron (needed to make blood) and vitamin B12 (not found in plants). These two important nutrients are usually lacking in a vegetarian diet.

Click here for more information.

What about cod liver oil?

The liver is the filtering organ of the cod, which means it will be highly concentrated in toxins. Some of these will go into the oil extracted from the liver.

Consider the current state of water pollution before you make a purchase. Also, oil is high in calories. There are safer options for immune boosters for kids.

Read the label!

Maybe you’re overwhelmed by your options. Reading the label will help you to decide whether a particular supplement is nutritious and safe for your child.

What do you think of these immune boosters for kids? Let me know in the comments?

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