About fruits and vegetables for the busy person

Are you busy at work and at home? Do you lack time to properly plan your meals and get enough fruits and vegetables every day?

Be careful about what you do to make up for your inadequate vegetable intake!

About fruits and vegetables for the immune system

Your immune system needs fruits and vegetables for their phytochemicals. It needs not just one type but many types of vegetables of different colors.

While the best sources are fresh, whole fruits and vegetables, it’s a challenge to get so many every day especially for those of us who unfortunately eat healthy alone or don’t have many people to share them with.

I understand the logistical difficulty because I go through that too!

Are vegetable mixes the solution?

The vegetable mixes in the market vary in ingredients and quality. Some contain added isolated nutrients, seasoning, or preservatives in addition to the mix of fruits and vegetables, making them less than ideal.

It’s extremely disappointing to see a great list of plant ingredients only to have it spoilt by things like seasoning.

Here are three examples that represent what you might see in your search for that dependable fruit and vegetable mix.


By E. Excel



A powder that contains over 20 types of fruits and vegetables of different colors to ensure you get a comprehensive mix of phytochemicals.

Great for

  • Kids who don’t like vegetables
  • Cooking
  • People who eat out all the time
  • Daily use as an additive-free, safe, and nutritious source of fruits and vegetables

Not so great

  • Expensive. Each sachet ends up costing around $2.
  • Could be messy because of spillage.

How to use

  • Mix with warm water as a drink.
  • Add to dishes before serving.

In the photos below, you can see the powder before (bottom) and after (top) mixing into a porridge. The powder is not of one color, which means each vegetable was processed separately before combining during packaging.



Even though there is no added seasoning, this actually tastes the best out of the various vegetable mixes I’ve tried so far.

My son would ask to eat it without mixing it into his food!

To buy

  • In Singapore: contact me and I will get back to you.
  • Elsewhere: E. Excel offices or distributors.

Top Fresh Herb and Cereal Beverage

By Quaker


A beverage powder that contains a good mix of grains, fruits, and vegetables.

Great for

The occasional hot drink when you’re hungry late at night.

Not so great

  • Contains additives including seasoning
  • Contains dairy

How to use

Mix with hot water, cold water, or milk.


Even with the added seasoning, this tastes awkward because it smells and tastes differently! I actually had to add Vegecolor to it to make it more palatable.

It’s a real pity. I think it could have been just awesome without the seasoning.


To buy

mykind Organics, Women’s Multi, 120 Vegan Tablets

By Garden of Life


I’m so going to try this one day! This is an organic food blend in a tablet. MyKind Organics is a relatively new brand but I have been very impressed with their formulations so far.

Guys, there’s a version for you here.

Great for

  • Those who want an organic fruit and vegetable source free of synthetic or unnecessary additives
  • Those who can’t stand the taste of vegetable mixes
  • Those who don’t want the hassle of making drinks
  • Vegans who need the vitamin B12

Not so great

  • Not so widely available yet in retail outlets where I am. But it’s extremely easy to get it with low international shipping at iherb.
  • Not for those who can’t swallow tablets
  • Not for kids
  • According to reviews, some tablets may be crushed by the time you buy them.

To buy

Iherb.com: Get a $5 discount off your first purchase when you enter MHB292 at checkout.

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8 Comments on "About fruits and vegetables for the busy person"

  1. Fruits and vegetables are so important for a healthy lifestyle. I can’t imagine someone not liking fruits and vegetables, however I know there would be. You’ve got some great suggestions for those who don’t like fruits and vegetables. I’ve been told if we color our plate like a rainbow that we’re getting great nutrition from a wide variety of fresh foods.


    1. Hi Kym! Yes indeed. I’ve always thought it’s an amazing concept, eating a rainbow. Goes to show that eating healthy doesn’t have to be torturous! It helps to have something handy, enjoyable, and convenient for those who are just starting out in eating healthy, especially if they are always busy.


  2. i love fruit and veg. my wife love them. we have cultured our kids to love them above junk. we cant get enough of them.
    i like your site. it gives some good ideas. thank you.
    although i do not live in singapore i am sure i can find variants here in the UK and apply them and give it a shot. i am always open to new ideas. thank you.


    1. Hi Arif! It’s great to hear that your family has started your kids off on the right foot. I think there is someone who can supply Vegecolor in the UK–do let me know if you need the contact.


  3. This is an interesting meal plan system that I had not heard of before. Do you know if there are any copy cat products like it on the market? I’d be curious to know a nutritionists’ thoughts on the plan, as well as some statistics on how many people are able to utilize it for a long period of time. Thanks for sharing!


    1. Hi! These products are not meal plan systems. They are standalone products you use as health supplements, meaning they supplement a balanced diet.


  4. Those are great supplements for all those who don’t have the time or don’t like vegetables too much.

    Although I’m quite sure that fresh fruits and vegetables from your garden are more nutritious than those supplements.

    One can always try out smoothies too. Although it is a little bit time consuming so it’s definitely not for those who don’t have the time.


    1. Hi Luke! You’re right. The best are fresh fruits and vegetables. About smoothies, it’s not that great also if you add dairy. These animal derivatives compromise the immune system. So you may be doing your immune system some harm.


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