Best Herbal Supplement Companies 2017

With all the safety concerns surrounding supplement production nowadays it’s even more important to look out for the best herbal supplement companies.

Here I hope to show you 3 criteria to identify them and 3 excellent options that fulfill the criteria.

#1: Herbal

vegetablesSince you’re looking for a herbal supplement company, omit anything that includes any isolated nutrients. From personal experience, I can tell you this will sift away most of the supplement companies, even many of those calling themselves natural.

This is because isolated nutrients carry risks of overdose, contamination in production, and instability.

What do I mean by unstable nutrients? Nutrients exist with others in nature for good reason. Take them out of a reliable structure within their plant source and they can do more harm than good.

One online company that fits the herbal criteria: eLEAD Global. The other one is E. Excel International. I’ve repeatedly taken their products because I don’t have to worry about side effects from overdose or instability of their ingredients.

#2: Philosophy

How do you know if the company is sincere about bringing the best products to you? Its philosophy is the first sign you can look out for.

Anyone who has heard of E. Excel will have heard about the philosophy behind their products: nutritional immunology.

Pure Essence Labs, which produces an awesome mushroom immunity booster, follows traditional Chinese medicine principles.

The company philosophy will determine if they make their formulations scientifically sound. But as a consumer, you never know if it’s just a PR stunt. Which brings me to my next point.

#3: Raw ingredient quality control

According to E. Excel International, two products with the same ingredient list can turn out very differently.

Why? Every ingredient comes from a different source. This is dependent on a company’s raw ingredient suppliers.

Look out for how the company ensures you don’t get contaminated American ginseng, for example.

eLEAD Global and E. Excel use the same manufacturer, which conducts toxicity tests on raw ingredients including American ginseng. This herb is often smoked with sulfur elsewhere. They don’t allow that in their products.

How would I rank them?

  1. E. Excel International: it not only ticks off all the criteria above, it has been around for 30 years. See my review of their bestseller here.
  2. Pure Essence Labs: I have personally tried their product and found it helpful. However, I am not familiar with their product quality control processes. See how I boosted my immunity with their very unique product here.
  3. eLEAD Global: same quality as E. Excel, but not as wallet friendly as Pure Essence Labs. You get the product delivered to your doorstep. See how its product compares with E. Excel’s here.

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