Best Immune System Supplement 2017

This year, I’ve taken the plunge to finally try two relatively new products in my search for the best immune system supplement: E-Munity and Rhapsody by eLEAD Global.

I was very amazed to find, in addition to these two, another almost ideal product–read on for the details.

E-Munity: Best for Busy Adults

This is a good product that mainly contains mushrooms, plus some antioxidant rich plant ingredients.

It’s perfect for those looking for a travel friendly, all in one solution to fight the flu and free radicals (maybe from stress or pollution).

I compared this product to a mushroom powder drink of similar standard. E-Munity isn’t as versatile and kid friendly. But I can see how helpful it will be to a busy working person.

Maybe some people have to pinch their nose to drink it, but I feel it’ll be worth your while.


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Rhapsody: Best for Emergencies

I ordered Rhapsody, which contains cactus, as a last resort. I had the option of getting an alternative cactus juice product, but chose Rhapsody instead because this time I was the one needing help, not my kids.

I wouldn’t be in a hurry to give it to them because of the American ginseng, which has balancing effects on energy levels. Modern adults, on the other hand, could all do with some quality American ginseng in our diet.

I had to pay for it in USD, which wasn’t in my favor. The final amount paid was too steep for me to repurchase frequently.

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healthGUARD Immune: Best Value for Money

I was so excited about this immune system supplement. The formulation is smart and it helped me to keep the flu away during a very stressful time.

If I could outright recommend something without feeling guilty about how much they will have to pay, this would be THE supplement.

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A promising product

In my desperation to help my kids recover from stomach flu, I opened a bottle of California Gold Nutrition Zingiber Immune.

I’ve had great success with ginger and echinacea and they are now part of my go to foods for stomach ailments and flu respectively. This product combines them with honey and blackberry, two other immunity boosters.

The ingredients look promising, but you only take half a teaspoon a day. I’m not sure if it makes a significant difference in a long term basis, but then again I haven’t taken it daily.

Be careful about what you take

I don’t go out and try every immune system supplement I come across. That’s too many of them and it’s too dangerous.

I avoid supplements with isolated nutrients. Also, not all supplements out there place safety as top priority.

So, ask questions and read up about supplement safety. Cheers!

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