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I love a hot bowl of flavorful, nourishing soup that feeds my immune system! Check out this simple chicken soup recipe for Shiitake oyster mushroom soup. It contains loads of polysaccharides for your immune system because they aren’t easily destroyed by heat. Plus, you could very well get it ready in half an hour. I…

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Nutriact and E-MunityNutriact and E-Munity

Every plant food is unique in their combination of phytochemicals, antioxidants, and polysaccharides. Mushrooms are no different. But what makes mushrooms stand out? Their polysaccharides. 4 tips for selecting mushroom supplements for your immune system Here are some things you should be looking out for before buying a mushroom supplement to boost your immunity. #1:…

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Here’s my guide for what mushroom to eat to boost your immune system. First, we’ll look at some of them, then look at some products that are great sources of immunity boosting mushrooms. Why mushrooms? If eating mushrooms for the immune system sounds strange, you need to get used to the idea quickly. It’s unfortunate…

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