Health food products, vitamins, supplements online: 8 things to look out for

So you’ve decided you need some health food products, vitamins, supplements to boost your wellbeing. Well, good thinking. Most of us are working or like me have hectic schedules. Some convenience is always welcome! However, there are so many places selling these products online.

How do you know which are the safe, reliable ones? Here, I show you what you can expect from reliable stores. I’ll also introduce to you my trusted store for stocking up on healthy food!

So, here are my eight pointers for choosing a fantastic online store for health products:

#1 Carefully Selected Product Range

A store that’s serious in being a health product store will not aim to offer you everything that is in the market.

Instead, it would aim to offer you some of the best options you can find in the market today.

Some of you are probably looking for certified organic products, natural products, and the like. I have found some excellent options at iherb, an international store that specializes in products towards the natural or organic. I’ve also featured some of them, including Immune Renew.

Many of these products are made for people with certain allergies or dietary restrictions. For example, non-dairy products are available here.

#2 Fresh Products

A reliable store will be able to state the expiration date of the product you’re buying. This is important for health food products, vitamins, and supplements.

Iherb goes beyond that. I love it that it also indicates on the product page the expiration date of personal care products like body lotions. In some cases, the product you’re getting is even fresher than what you can get at your local store, especially if it’s made in the U.S.

#3 Customer Reviews

A reliable store objectively helps you to decide which products to buy, and that includes providing the space for honest customer reviews.

At iherb, it’s easy to have a few options for a particular type of product. Every brand has its pros and cons and the reviews make it easy for me to make an informed decision.

#4 Smooth Shopping Experience

SatisfyingReliable stores aim for excellence in everything they do, including giving customers a satisfying, carefree shopping experience.

At iherb, it’s easy to set up an account, enter your details, navigate the site to select products, and checkout.

You can choose to shop in your own currency.

It doesn’t stop there. The products I order are always securely packaged to prevent spillage and breakage too. Air bags, bubble wrap, tape, and other fasteners are used to ensure your order gets to you in perfect condition.

#5 Affordable Shipping

Shipping rates actually tell you how successful a store is. In other words, they indicate how trustworthy they are–the more customers they have, the lower the shipping costs they can offer.

How do reliable online stores afford to offer customers low shipping rates? By having many customers, they can take advantage of shipping orders in bulk, lowering shipping costs and passing on the savings to us.

This gets really exciting when you can actually enjoy free shipping! In the case of iherb,

  • U.S. customers enjoy free shipping for orders worth $40 and above.
  • International customers enjoy free shipping for orders worth $60 and up.

Free shipping is a big plus for me. This means that my products may cost no more than what is listed because I pay zero for shipping.

#6 Various Safe Payment Options

This is a very important part of shopping online.

First, the store should be able to accept a variety of payment options, namely credit cards of major companies and definitely PayPal.

Secondly, it should be able to ensure the safety of your payment information, so that no one can misuse your account or credit card information.

At iherb, you can choose to pay via PayPal or credit card. PayPal doesn’t send iherb any credit card information. As for credit card information that you enter at iherb, iherb ensures that nobody else will be able to see it by scrambling the information. Personally, I prefer PayPal!

#7 Great Prices

The huge customer base of an online store gives it the ability to offer you lower prices.

Many times, I’ve found lower prices at iherb than at my local shops!

What’s more, buying more units of a product sometimes means even lower prices! The more you buy, the greater the discount!

#8 Bonuses

Being an established retailer with an enormous international following, iherb is able to offer rewarding bonuses to customers. They do this through not one, but THREE programs!

1. Loyalty Credit Program

For every purchase, you earn 5% loyalty credit that you can use within 60 days of your last order.

2. Iherb Rewards

Refer friends to iherb and you get 5% credit.

3. Discount code for all customers

Reliable stores offer you something in exchange for a chance to prove that they are trustworthy.

If a good discount sounds like something you’d enjoy enough to give iherb a try, simply enter MHB292 at checkout to get a 5% discount off your purchase.

This is a discount code with no expiry and no restrictions, so you can keep using it for EVERY purchase!

Ready to shop?

Start here for your automatic 5% off.

Happy shopping and wishing you the best of health!

35 Comments on "Health food products, vitamins, supplements online: 8 things to look out for"

  1. This is a very helpful article. I have been considering getting some vitamins and supplements such as magnesium and potassium as I feel like I am deficient. I will be sure to look out for these 8 things when I am shopping about. I will probably check out iHerb seeing as you mentioned it!

    Thanks for the tips.


  2. Hey,
    This is a good read, thanks for the pointers. I buy vitamins online like 3 to 4 times a year in bulk. Actually, my mother-in-law buys them, but she buys for three different families. I think the shipping is usually free, but she has found a place that sells vitamins (the ones we want and get at our local vitamin store) for a great price.

    I have never heard of iherb. Is this a retailer? Do you have more information I can read on iherb?


    1. Hi Travis! Yes is a retailer. It’s entirely online, operating from a warehouse in the U.S. It also produces its own house brands. Try hopping over to to read more about them, or you can Google online for reviews like this one.

      If you buy in bulk, that’s even more reason you should consider because of the possibility of free delivery. There have also been instances where I’ve found much lower prices than shops in the mall.


  3. I love your site. It’s simple but very informative. Read your other post on sore throat. I used to have sore throat very often and I take Luo Han Guo to soothe my throat. You can boil it and drink it as a herbal drink. You can also find Luo Han Guo sweets just like lozenges and also in syrup form which you can take a teaspoon and consume it. Does sell such products?


    1. Hi Wesley! Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us! Much appreciated.

      I found a Luo Han Guo product on iherb, but it’s not lozenges or for the purpose of relieving sore throat. It’s a sweetener, a sugar alternative. If you love the taste of Luo Han Guo, you might want to consider that!


  4. Hi,

    I’ve liked your post/article and how you’ve presented to us quality information about important dietary supplementation and how to evade illnesses. I also liked you online checklist/buying guide when sourcing out for supplements online. I now know how to shop wiser for health products online.

    Thanks for that very practical post. Looking forward to more from you!



    1. hi Boniface! Great you found the post helpful. I’ll definitely be posting lots of information on how to fall sick less so if you’re interested do check back often for more!


    2. ​hi Boniface! Great you found the post helpful. I’ll definitely be posting lots of information on how to fall sick less so if you’re interested do check back often for more!


  5. Thank you for the information on shopping online for vitamins. I take vitamins and always am looking for bargains and low cost shipping. You suggestions to look for customers reviews and various payment options are pointers I never considered but is definitely going to add to my shopping experience online. I will definitely use these suggestions when I next shop online. Thanks!


    1. Hi Andimax! You’re welcome. As you shop more, you’ll become more discerning and look for these things. Shopping online does take some skill. I’ve done lots of online shopping so these are some pointers I picked up along the way.

      With less reliable shops you get some hits and misses, but I find shopping with iherb always satisfying.


  6. Hi,
    This is a good read, thank you for the pointers. I hope to start to buy vitamins online in bulk. I just am not sure about the shipping. Usually it’s free there, but to Africa, I am sure it is going to sky rocket the price.

    This is a lot of insight Regina.

    Thank you for the great job.



    1. Hi Nabin! Unfortunately you are right. I checked and found that there is no free delivery for places like Haiti. However there are discounts for DHL or UPS shipping for purchases above 40 USD.

      So if there’s something you really want to get but it’s not available in Africa, I think it’s still worth checking out!


  7. There are many supplements out there that fraud people with overly exaggerated promotions. But in the end it turns out that they’re good for nothing.

    That’s why you should carefully choose your spplements. I belive that’s the most important point. Then the shipping and etc.. may be the second plan.


    1. Hi Tyler! Definitely. You’re right! That’s why you need to choose a reputable, established seller–like iherb.

      Such trustworthy retailers go above and beyond good-quality products to deliver excellent service. Iherb brings it all together. That’s why I can recommend them unreservedly.


  8. Hi, Regina!
    I like to buy organic & natural products, so a resource like yours is very helpful.
    I checked the website “iherb”, and I discovered a wide selection of products for each household, so you made a good job reviewing it.
    I found interesting that you can see the expiration date on each product, very useful if you buy in bulk.
    Thanks for sharing such helpful information!


    1. Hi Cristina! Glad you found this post helpful. You made a very valid point. I found it quite amazing because it takes extra effort to have the expiry date listed. I appreciate their efforts because this information is too important to leave out.

      Hope you find useful enough to make a purchase in future!


  9. Great tips! I agree that you shouldn’t buy supplements in a store that has pretty much everything because chances are the people working in the shop are not trained properly to give you the correct advice on these products. I always buy from someone that clearly knows the products they sell and give me the correct advice.

    I’ll check them out, because I noticed you mentioned that they offer free shipping to Belgium. That’s something you don’t see every day 😉



    1. Hi Jurgen! Wow great point! Yes, you’re right. You’d want to buy from experts because you can always go back to them with questions and they’ll give you helpful answers!

      Glad you found something that could help you here. Cheers!


  10. I agree with you 1000% with looking at customer reviewers to assess product reliability. This especially holds true for health products that we will be putting into our bodies. I normally look at the percentage of good reviews to bad reviews and go from there. If there are far too many bad reviews, I’ll disregard it. On Amazon it must have 4.5+ stars. Thanks for the great information!


    1. Hi! Thanks so much for sharing your tips! Reviews do make online shopping so much easier! Some include helpful tips for using the product and describe what the product is actually like. And because I buy from iherb I find the reviews there extremely helpful as sometimes they also talk about whether the product arrived at its destination intact, which is important for international shipping.


  11. This is a very helpful article. I actually have a website of my own which one day will promote supplements for health and fitness and i found this article very relatable and helpful! Reading it made me very interested and i will find myself looking out for these 8 tips in the future.


  12. I have heard of iherb before somewhere- but can’t remember where. Good to know it has so many positives about it and I will consider buying my next round of supplements from them. You just never know with supplement companies but I think you are right to say that customer reviews are a very important element when trying to decide what supplement company to go with. Thanks for the info!


    1. Hi Liz! Glad the information helped you. Can’t be too careful because what we eat ultimately affects our health. We don’t want to be eating a supplement thinking it’ll improve health when it has negative effects we don’t know of. Cheers!


  13. So funny…I needed to get some magnesium supplements, but hadn’t gotten around to looking for a place to buy it. Then I come across this for vitamins and find a supplement store I could go to. I checked on amazon for comparison…but it’s actually cheaper on the site you recommended…thanks


    1. Hi Dave! Thanks for sharing your findings! That’s why I highly recommend iherb for supplements etc. I’ve personally made many repeat purchases with them with little hassle. I hope you enjoy shopping there as much as I do. Cheers!


  14. I have the most difficult time trying to determine which websites offer reliable and safe products. So many websites use terminology and understanding the validity of the content is stressful.

    Your post on ubiquinol was very informative. Your posts are very relevant and unique from that of what I have seen on other websites.

    Do you offer product reviews for customers?



    1. Hi Eliott! Thanks for your positive feedback. Yes, reviews will come in time as I continue to build up this site. In fact I do have a few lined up.

      You can find the existing reviews in the products section. One excellent and popular product I’ve reviewed is Millennium, a cactus beverage for the immune system. Do check it out!

      There are many health products out there I wouldn’t touch and I do talk about them in the products section as well for public education purposes.


  15. Very nice article on what to look out for! I have taken supplements for years and ordered many online. I do always read the customer reviews, especially on Amazon, to see if it’s worth it. I was dead-set on ordering some products before I read the reviews. Shipping is always a big concern of mine. I HATE paying it when I know how much it actually costs companies. There’s no reason one bottle of pills should be $9.99 shipping via USPS. Flat rate bubble envelop is $6.80! Anyway, good read! Thanks for the info!


    1. Hi Bonnie! I know what you mean. Shipping is always a concern for online shoppers! Sometimes the minimum purchase for free shipping is prohibitive too. iherb’s rates are really without conpare! They partner my local post company to deliver to shoppers here.


  16. Thanks for the comprehensive tips. It’s great to know that are safe, affordable and easy ways to shop for health products online. I never knew there are so many offers and discounts out there – which makes shopping online more worthwhile than going to stores. I have been ordering things like chia seeds and natural beauty products online, but I would like to have more online resources to make my purchases. Will certainly try out iherb. Thanks for the article!


  17. I’d never heard of iHerb until I read your post! What a great online store, having so many different brands available. I’m always careful with the brands that I purchase and most often my local health food store doesn’t have them.
    Your pointers of what to look for are very good. I spend a lot of money on various supplements every year and I had no idea that so many different brands could be purchased in one place.
    Thank you!


    1. Hi Clare! I was so glad too when I found iherb when I was searching for a place to buy baby food. Today it’s my go to place for healthy food because it meets so many of my needs for quality, safe products for my family.


  18. Great suggestions! With so many supplements and natural products available online, it can get overwhelming to find the right ones. I have iHerb and have purchased some vitamins there. Yes, I agree that shopping here is really easy and fuss free. They also have affordable shipping rates, so that’s important too. Thanks for sharing this!


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