Immunity Boosting Supplements

How I Boost My Immune System with Supplements

From time to time, I boost my immune system with supplements.

Just last month, I decided I had had enough of my recent bouts of illness. It was time to do something drastic. So I bought a cactus + American ginseng + cordyceps mycelium supplement and faithfully finished it, one serving first thing every day.

After one month, I feel like I’m in a better state of health.

So how did I do it so decisively, especially with so many supplements to choose from out there?

1. I know what I need

Well, at least I hope I do. I knew I needed a mega boost. I was hoping to do an overhaul but I couldn’t afford it. So I went for the next best thing–something packed with nutrients not found in my food.

2. I know a reliable company

I had worked in this particular company for 5 years, looking at research done elsewhere. The boss knows what she is doing as she is an immunologist.

The products are meticulously produced and tested for safety. The manufacturing facility in Singapore has a perfect safety record.

if you want to boost your immune system with supplements, make sure they are reliable. It will pay off in terms of convenience, safety, and effectiveness.

3. I exercise when I can

Well, my favorite activity is walking. I love going on long walks with my family. They know I enjoy the exercise, the view, and their company! It’s a way for me to stay out as long as I can since I’m a stay at home mum with two young kids.

I walk at least twice a week from places like the next town or even further.

4. I supplement daily

I don’t skip servings. It’s not medicine but you still need a certain amount every day to get things going and to have a cumulative effect.

5. I keep junk food to a minimum

Junk food
While supplements help you to boost immunity, you need to make sure you don’t sabotage their efforts inside your body.

The sad truth is, eating junk food will.

I have a personal policy of not buying anything that is deep fried. I used to eat deep fried stuff often but as I entered adulthood I decided I should stop because of my eczema.

Snacks do make their way into my house though, thanks to relatives who buy them for us. I limit myself to a few pieces each day rather than a whole lot at a go.

Either you boost your immune system with supplements, or…

There isn’t any lazy option. Sorry.

Your other two options are

  • Make your diet super healthy so that you don’t need supplements. If you do this, good for you!
  • Have a weak immune system. You’d have to deal with the medical fees and perpetually feeling under the weather.

Thinking of boosting your immune system with supplements? Have they worked for you, or not? Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences by leaving a comment.

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