How much omega-3 should I take daily?

Too little omega-3 is bad for health, but so is too much. Researchers are now finding that taking too much omega-3 increases risk of prostate cancer and other health conditions.

How much omega-3 should I take daily?

Bad news: there are no recommended limits for omega-3 intake. But it’s possible to prevent omega-3 overdose–by taking it via plant sources.

Can you take too much omega-3?

As research is showing, yes. However, the body absorbs omega-3 from plants more gradually than from animal sources. Thus, the risk of omega-3 overdose from plants is definitely lower.

In addition, fish oil carries the risk of heavy metal contamination due to water pollution. Fish oil is commonly derived from fish liver, the fish’s filtering organ, where toxins are higher in concentration.

Which plant sources are safe?

Here are some omega 3 sources you should be looking at:

  • Chia seed
  • Kiwi fruit seed
  • Macadamia nut
  • Perilla seed

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Not many plant sources of omega-3 contain more omega-3 than omega-6. You need to minimize further omega-6 intake because the modern diet already contains way too much omega-6.

Plus, not all plant sources that fit this criteria are suitable either. Flax seed, for example, contains problematic phytochemicals that are potentially toxic.

Can I still take omega-3 products for general health?

Other than reducing heart attacks, scientists aren’t sure of all the effects of taking omega-3 products on the different aspects of health. So be careful about how much of this fat you’re consuming, and from where.

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