How to avoid the flu naturally

When you ask a question like “How to avoid the flu naturally?” you’re actually asking a complex question. “Natural” here can refer to two things:
  1. Enabling your natural defenses to fight the flu virus before the symptoms can surface
  2. Using resources from nature to do so

Your in-built doctor

ArmyYou have a complex mechanism to eliminate the flu virus. It’s your immune system. It’s better than any medication and more comprehensive than any vaccine out there. And it’s your key to avoiding the flu naturally!
Do you know that people with strong immune systems are less likely to succumb to the flu? Even for flu epidemics like H1N1 and bird flu, those with weak immune systems can die if they get the viruses, while those with strong immune systems get to recover because their immune systems can fight the viruses.
Those with even stronger immune systems don’t show any symptoms at all even if they are exposed to flu viruses. Why? Their immune systems defeat the virus the moment it enters their bodies.
So, build up your immune system if you want to avoid falling sick from the flu.

What to eat

The immune system has so many components that need a myriad of nutrients. If fighting a disease is like fighting a war, your immune system needs all kinds of ammunition to win. What fuels your immune system? A wide variety of whole fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, and other plant foods. The closest to their raw form you can get them, the better.


Every plant food contains different nutrients. There is no single plant that contains all the nutrients your immune system needs. So eat as many different types as possible.

What not to eat

Make sure you don’t fall into the trap of taking isolated nutrients like vitamin C and antioxidants. They may cause imbalances and side effects within your body because you’d have many of some nutrients and little of others. Such nutrients may also be unstable when outside the context of plant foods.

It’s a long-term venture

To avoid the flu effectively, you need to nourish the immune system every day, not just when flu season comes around. The immune system needs time to strengthen and reach optimal performance.
Building up your immune system will also help you in fighting and avoiding all diseases, not just the flu. Cancer, many disorders, arthritis, etc are all linked to your immune system function.
These diseases and environmental factors such as pollution threaten your health everyday, even though we don’t feel it. Why? Your immune system is working hard quietly to keep them out.  So it needs all the help you can give to eat food that will nourish it and give it more strength to fight the flu. Start now!

6 Comments on "How to avoid the flu naturally"

  1. Hi Rosanne,

    Loved that article and I totally agree with you that we have to eat more vegetables and fruit for that matter in their raw form as it is the healthy way to live. Much better than popping a pill.

    Prevention, as they say is always…always better than the cure. Following that advice, we will prevent more than the flu.


    1. hi Derek! Indeed, by preventing disease we can prevent spending on doctor’s fees, hospitalization, and follow-up treatment.

      We also prevent complications that result from diseases. We prevent our quality of life from lowering. Because without good health, we can’t enjoy life!

      Thanks for visiting!


  2. Hi Regina,
    That is a wonderful article how to fight the flu by strengthening your immune system. Nevertheless, what about those who cannot strengthen their immune system what can they do to help fight it? I know when I was in the military we were getting vaccinations for it every year to fight off the flu.
    Yours Truly,


    1. hi Carlton! Everyone can. It’s as simple as eating right. If you’re busy, there are many products which offer convenience in doing so. Or are you talking about people with very vulnerable immune systems?

      Vaccines are helpful, but flu strains mutate fast. If you’re in a situation where there is an epidemic going on, but there isn’t any vaccine yet, you only have your immune system to depend on. H1N1, ebola, bird flu all had a window of time where scientists were frantically looking for a vaccine–while people continued getting infected and dying.

      By building up your immune system, you take control of your future.


  3. Hi Regina, excellent article & I agree with you on the fruits & veg. Am very frustrated right now though because I have a cold or flu (didn’t get diagnosed by a Doctor as there’s not much they can do, especially as I’m still breastfeeding) for the second time this month & I have been focusing on eating healthily. I have cut out chocolate, dairy & wheat and replaced them with fresh carrot & ginger juice and healthy smoothies. Could I be detoxing perhaps? One of my health advisors said colds are very important to clear and rebalance the system. Do you agree?


    1. Hi Lauren! The act of sneezing is your body’s way of getting rid of invaders like dust that enter through the nose. When you’re down with a flu, mucus that you blow or cough out contain dead viruses. That much is true.

      But to say a cold itself is for clearing the system is not correct. A cold or flu means that invaders have entered your system. The sneezing etc. are symptoms of the disease.

      I’m breastfeeding as well. If you need additional help on how to cope with flu or colds, I’ve written a post about what to take when you’re down with them. It says sore throat but because the culprit may be the same one, do take a look to see if you can use any of the strategies there. Peppermint in particular is extremely effective.


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