How to buy chia seeds

Chia seeds contain an ideal balance of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. This is unlike most seeds and nuts out there which contain more omega 6 than omega 3.

How to buy chia seeds

Because of the excellent nutritional profile of chia seeds, more and more people have been looking to get them. As a result, the chia seed products out there have not only exploded in number but in the types of products available.

Here are 12 ways you can buy chia seeds:

#1: Nutrient and/or whole food blend

Usually in capsule, tablet or powder form, products like Fruit & Greens PhytoFoods by Now Foods are supplements you take daily by themselves. For powders, mix with water or juice and drink.

They contain not just chia seed or its extract, but other ingredients too. Many of these products are protein supplements, like protein shakes.


  • Try to avoid blends containing isolated nutrients, flavoring, and other additives.
  • If you’re looking for protein, consider soy as well.
  • Check reviews to see if tablets break easily. Capsules with capsule casings are less prone to breakage.

#2: Food bars

Love energy bars? Then you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to food bars containing chia seed. They come in a variety of flavors and formulas, such as Garden of Life’s Whole Food Antioxidant Matrix Bar in Summer Berry, which uses sprouted chia seed.


  • Watch out for the sugar content! It is common for food bars to contain various forms of sugar. You could even have a food bar containing one third sugar. To keep it healthy, try for bars that contain honey, unrefined sugar, brown sugar etc.
  • Add some great taste and nutrition to plain muesli, oatmeal, or overnight oats with your crushed food bar containing chia seed. You also get more fiber this way.

#3: Skincare

Skincare manufacturers use chia seed for different purposes. Korean brand The Face Shop uses chia seed for its ability to hold multiple times its weight in water, while COOLA Classic Sunscreen in White Tea SPF 50 uses chia seed oil for anti-aging.


Fancy chia seed skincare that’s almost edible? Go for a yummy lip balm like Eco Lips’ Hydrating Lip Balm in Herbal Mint. It uses chia seed oil for nourishment.

#4: Whole chia seed

This is probably the most straightforward way to buy chia seed. You can add it to anything including rice, soup, oatmeal, bread, cakes–anything! Trusted brands include Nutiva.


  • Some brands don’t clean the seeds properly. The end result is a gritty and maybe dirty bag of chia seeds. So read the reviews before buying.
  • I like to crush the seeds before eating. This releases the oil, which your body can easily miss during digestion because it’s inside the seed. You could be passing out chia seeds whole without getting their precious omega 3!

#5: Oil blend

A quick and convenient way to get the goodness of chia seed oil plus other oils. This is quite unusual but clever and the Coromega Oil Blend has done it. You could take it in a spoon or add to anything.


  • Don’t cook with such oil blends.
  • If the oil blend ends up containing more omega 6 than omega 3, you’re better off not getting it. The whole point of chia seed oil is the high omega 3 content. We need to cut down on omega 6 in our diets as it is many times in excess, causing chronic inflammation.

#6: Nut butter

Imagine peanut butter with less or even no sugar. Good? Now imagine adding the butters of several other nuts and seeds, and some chia seeds thrown in. You get a product like Nuttzo’s Seven Nut & Seed Butter. I would gladly replace regular peanut butter with this!


  • Mayver’s, an Aussie brand, has an awesome no sugar option.
  • As with oil blends, the downside of nut butters is their high omega 6 content. Enjoy in moderation.

#7: Smoothie mix

Love drinks? Then you will find products like Sunfood’s Raw Organic Superfood Smoothie Mix helpful. You could stir it in your cup, bottle or blender because the grinding of the chia seed into powder has been done for you.


Scrutinize the other ingredients to make sure you don’t get unwanted things in your mix!

#8: Breakfast cereal

Breakfast cereals are great for introducing fiber rich foods and chia seed to children. Organic Oatmeal + Ancient Grains in Banana Strawberry by Plum Organics is an excellent option. It uses ground chia seed so it’s easy for tots to absorb the omega 3. Put aside the Honey Stars and Cheerios to give this a try!


Breakfast cereals containing chia seed are probably healthier, but just check the sugar levels before you buy.

#9: Chia seed powder

This is the most effective and convenient way to eat chia seed. Kudos to Sunfood for going through the trouble to offer this option. Their chia seed powder is made from raw and organic chia seed.

Chia seed that is not ground will most probably pass through your system without giving you omega 3.


Try to finish the powder fast, because breaking open the chia seed exposes the omega 3 to oxidation. Otherwise you may find yourself with omega 3 that has turned rancid.

#10: Squeeze packs

If you’ve no time to even make a drink in the morning, grab one of these to drink on the go. Mamma Chia’s Organic Chia Squeeze Vitality Snack in Blackberry Bliss is a fruity option. Whether the chia seeds are ground depends on the individual product.


#11: Snack

A great replacement for junk food, yummy yet nutritious snacks like Citrus Chia by Navitas Naturals will probably soon find their way into my kitchen and my son’s snack box!

#12: Bread mix / flour

Bread mix

You don’t just sprinkle chia seeds but use chia seed meal in Now Food’s Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Mix. If you have a bread machine, this is going to be really easy to use!

Which is your favorite?

With so many ways to buy chia seed, there’s bound to be something for everyone. Would you perk up too if you saw chia seed listed as an ingredient? Did I miss anything out? Let me know by leaving a comment!

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12 Comments on "How to buy chia seeds"

  1. Hi, I sometimes add whole chia seed into my cereal for breakfast which I take every morning. I have not tried it in other forms. The skincare and food bar looks interesting while the protein supplement seems boring. Lol!

    I noticed that there’re white and black chia seeds in the supermarkets. Is there any difference between them?


    1. Hi Yvonne! I did not expect there to be so many types of products containing chia seed! Health food producers have really stepped up to the challenge here.

      According to research conducted in 2010, there is no difference in oil content between black and white seeds.


  2. I did not know chia seeds have found its way to so many type of different food. I started having chia seeds with plain water every morning, the nut butter really caught my attention, but I wonder if the the amount of chia seeds in the nut butter is sufficient to enjoy its health benefits?


    1. Hi Sylvester! The best way to enjoy the health benefits of any food is to eat it in moderation. After all, you need a great variety of nutrients to nourish your immune system.

      If you currently do not have chia seed at all in your diet, a nut butter that contains chia seed could be a way to introduce it into your diet. You could add in an additional way to eat chia seed in a food bar, drink, etc.

      I don’t use my bag of chia seeds every day. So the nut butter helps me to get some on the days I don’t consciously take a tablespoon of chia seeds.


  3. it have been for many years just searching for this chia seeds on different site but none of them use to produce me with the accurate one

    i now feel honoured with the information provided about chia seed and willing to buy some for my self soon for they are great



    1. Hi Jose! Glad you found the site useful for chia seed info. Do check out my posts on cactus and other immunity boosting foods elsewhere on the site.


  4. Hello, thanks for introducing chia seeds as the valuable addition to food. I found the information about chia seeds couple years ago.
    What impressed me that chia seeds were a diet staple for Aztecs and Mayans. I guess that these smart guys knew what to consume because they created enormous civilizations.
    I prefer to buy chia seeds from Costco. Nature’s Intent is my choice for now. Maybe after reading our article, I will take a look for different products.
    All the best and happy writing, Nemira.


    1. Hi Nemira! Yes indeed, you can find chia seed everywhere now. It’s great to have a product you can trust and go back to. If you find it’s value for money, why not?

      Like you, my personal favorite are plain chia seeds. They are very versatile. You can sprinkle them anywhere without worrying about changing the taste of your food.


  5. Chia seeds were recommended by my dermatologist in order to get rid of dandruff and dry skin. I always wanted to give it a try and I guess this is the perfect place where you get to choose how you would like to consume the chia seeds. It is really difficult to find a good smoothie mix which has powdered chia seeds, hence i think I will be going with the smoothie.


  6. Great article on Chia seeds! Your are right, they have grown so much in popularity recently, that you’re starting to see them everywhere! I love the tips that you share so that people who are not as familiar with the seeds know what to look for!

    I especially love your tip for folk to watch ont for other ingredients such as sugar! So often companies use those popular “healthy” keywords that people just automatically believe what they’re eating is healthy for them!


    1. Yeah, I see people incorporating chia seeds into dessert too. I used to scoff at their attempts. But if you do enough to make a particular food item healthier, I now think it’s a step in the right direction. For those of us who can skip the sugar etc completely, do it! 


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