Millennium–cactus juice, anti-inflammatory drink, disease fighter

Cactus juice: anti-inflammatory drink?

Cactus juice contains loads of antioxidants, phytochemicals, and polysaccharides all within the resilient king of the desert. Yes, cactus is edible, and cactus gel, after complex processing, can be drunk to boost your immune system.

The product

In this case, I’m talking about Millennium, one of the bestselling products of E. Excel International. This product comes in several variants following the success of the original liquid beverage, which is what I give my son.

What it looks and tastes like

millenniumIt’s a clear, colorless, and sweet liquid, without any syrupy mouthfeel.

Great for

  • Kids who can’t drink a lot of liquid at one go
  • People who can’t stand mixing powdered drinks
  • People who can take honey and royal jelly, as these boost your immune system too
  • People who often fall sick

Not so good

  • Needs refrigeration after opening
  • Heavy
  • Not for asthmatics and those allergic to bee products
  • Costly

My Tips

Drink anytime. I give about 30 ml to my son every few days.

I take advantage of the sweetness by adding in another E. Excel product, NOCO, when he comes down with a cold or flu (yes, you still fall sick, but not so badly). He has learnt to like mint from this because mint is a major ingredient in NOCO.

If you are specifically concerned about cold/flu or even tonsilitis in children, I recommend giving echinacea as well, because it has been scientifically proven to help with reducing and preventing cold/flu.

Is cactus juice a scam? Click here to see what scientists are saying about cactus juice.

Results after one month

My father went for surgery on one eye for macular degeneration. After the operation, vision was blurry. The doctor was extremely unhelpful, refusing to recommend anything to aid in my father’s recovery after the surgery and didn’t want to comment on whether the patient would regain eyesight.

To be fair, I must say that my father didn’t bother to take any precautions either. He went on with his daily life, reading news on the computer and going out without sunglasses or any other protection.

A few weeks passed and my father soon felt something hardening in his operated eye. At the same time, he felt blinded in bright light. He finally relented to taking some supplements, so my mother got him Millennium with two other E. Excel capsule products specifically created for nourishing the eyes, E-VIEW and VISION.

He drank Millennium three times a day. Less than a month into starting, he felt his vision improve. What a relief!

While the E. Excel products I took didn’t heal my eyesight, they stopped me from falling sick! It’s amazing!

-Martin Chay, 60s

Millennium Red review

Millennium Red is a variant of Millennium that doesn’t contain honey and royal jelly. Elsie from the Philippines sent in her review:

In my experience, “PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE”. Millennium is expensive but it’s worth it.

In 2002, I discovered a big lump in my breast and numbness on the right side of my body. I went to my OBGYNE specialist, who wanted to do a minor surgery for biopsy sample to know whether it is benign or malignant.

I ordered Millennium Red and I started taking 1 teaspoon in the morning and another at night. After few days, I was ill and couldn’t even eat. One of the trained distributors advised my mom that Millennium is an immune system booster and whilst I’m taking it, the nutrients absorbed by the body enable to react to fight against any diseases.

I continued taking Millennium. I finished 500ml (1 pack that time) and observed that the lump in my breast became smaller and smaller. This is only 20 – 25 days of taking the Millennium Red. I was really surprised and amazed.

After a month of taking it, I went back to my OBGYNE doctor and told her what happened. She examined me again and she was really surprised that the lump (big as your thumb or bigger than that) was gone! She asked me what I’d done. I told her that I was taking a herbal supplement. She was amazed, surprised and of course happy that I did not have to go under the knife and she noticed that I look healthier.

And now it’s been 15 years and lump did not come back at all. I’m happy and living healthier now. (I hope) 🙂

– Elsie, the Philippines (read her full story in the comments below)


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Please feel free to ask any questions about Millennium by leaving a comment. I will be happy to answer them!

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  1. Please tell me more about cactus juice and also royal jelly. Besides boosting the immune system, do you notice any other effects, like feeling more energy? Does your son like it because it tastes good or because it feels good, or both?

    I know there’s a lot to be said about anti-inflammation now as well.


    1. Hi rick! When you boost your immune system, you’ll find yourself falling sick less often and recovering faster.

      I take a powdered cactus beverage when I sense a sore throat coming. My recovery period has been shorter ever since.

      My son likes millennium because it’s sweet (from the honey).


  2. Wow, I have never heard of this product before let alone the anti-inflammatory properties of the Cactus. Would you say it is similar to Aloe Vera?

    Either way, it seems like an interesting choice. Would you recommend it for a lactose intolerant person?

    Thank you in advance


    1. Hi George! Cactus and aloe vera may look like they’re similar, but they’re from different plant families. You won’t be able to replace one with the other.

      As cactus isn’t a dairy product, I don’t see why lactose intolerant people can’t give them a try. It’s definitely much kinder and more helpful to the human body than cow’s milk.


  3. you say this is anti inflammatory drink that helps fight of diseases, will this help with people who have arthritis in there knees and will it help give them more energy?


    1. hi dawn! Arthritis is an inflammatory disease. So cactus will probably be helpful. In addition, other anti-inflammatory plant foods you may come across will also add to relief.

      As for energy, I recommend American ginseng.

      Thanks for reading!


  4. I know a lot of people who cook using cactus, but I never heard of a specific cactus drink. This is actually quite interesting. Your son obviously likes it, so I am assuming that kids will like the taste of it. Is cactus juice high in vitamin C and can be consumed if you have a cold or the flu?


    1. hi evie! this drink is sweet. it is of a liquid yet not syrupy texture, which makes it pleasant to drink. kids who drink this are known to ask for it! but don’t give like half cup at a go because the sweetness (from the honey and royal jelly) could be too much to handle at that amount.

      cactus contains a moderate amount of vitamin C. The valuable part about it is the great variety of different phytochemicals, antioxidants and polysaccharides it contains, because your body does need the variety to nourish the immune system in many different ways.

      We are often told that foods high in vitamin C are good, and yes they are, but vitamin C is only one of the many phytochemicals we should include in our diet to feed the immune system.

      Yes, Millennium can be consumed when you have a cold/flu. But it’s best to consume regularly when you’re well so that the immune system has the ammunition to fight the virus and defeat it before the symptoms surface.


  5. Hi there! I’ve used a lot of products to boost my immune system including royal jelly and ginseng. I found that ginseng acted too much as a stimulant! I also regularly drink Oat Milk, Almond Milk, Rice Milk and Coconut Milk/Water. Very tasty, nutritious, especially the chocolate varieties which are good for adults as well as kids 🙂 I will have to give this cactus juice a try, thanks for your review!


    1. Hi! You may want to try these solutions regarding ginseng.

      1. Use a different type of ginseng. Some types are more stimulating than others. I recommend American ginseng (Panax ginseng) as it’s not overly stimulating.

      2. Eat the ginseng less often, maybe once every few days.

      Great that you’re very proactive about your health! But I do have a preference for non-flavored drinks as you never know what goes into seasoning things like chocolate flavored beverages.

      Plus, some of these milks do taste ok and easy to get used to without the flavoring. Still, I applaud you for making the effort everyday!

      A cactus info post is in the works, do come back sometime to learn more. Cheers!


  6. I’m always looking for ways to boost my immune system for me and my family. I know apples work well, too, but I’ve never heard of using cactus juice!

    And to think, I grew up in Colorado, USA, where there are loads of cacti and never knew this!

    I don’t live there anymore, though it is like home to me, mainly because every year (without fail) I get Strep Throat from the dry climate there!

    Do you think immune remedies, such as this one, would keep that from happening, were I to return there?


    1. hi donnie! Yes, why not? Anything that helps your immune system is going to reduce your risk of any disease.

      Your immune system is the system in charge of fighting disease in your body. Nourishing it will strengthen it to help your body defeat diseases before their symptoms surface.

      Make sure you drink enough water, too! Cheers!


        1. Nope. The ingredients and the needs they meet are different.

          Millennium Powder Beverage contains only cactus as its main ingredient. If you’re always flying around or not at home every day, it may be an alternative to Millennium. But it’s not a total substitute.

          So, Millennium Powder Beverage is better considered as a replacement for Millennium Red.

          In the early days when Millennium Powder Beverage was first launched I had heard that it doesn’t give the same results as Millennium. I hope I hear otherwise in future.

          Want a greater variety of nutrients? Take Millennium.


  7. I didn’t know you could get benefits from cactus juice. Very interesting! My daughter only drinks small volumes of liquid, so this could be right for her and in fact she only eats small amounts so a juice with high immune properties in small volumes would be great. Do you know if you can get this in the UK?


    1. Hi Ruth! I think there’s a distributor based in the UK. Visit for their Europe site, or try looking on Facebook (I remember seeing a UK distributor’s page there).

      I’m not sure how old your daughter is, but this product is suitable for all ages, so yes, it would help her too.


  8. I grew up in the desert and lived around cactus. I had no idea that they could be consumed as an anti-inflammatory.

    I wonder how this tastes. I’d be interested in purchasing if I knew that it had a pleasant taste.

    Are there any known side effects from drinking this?


    1. hi Matt! Thanks for your question.

      If you are allergic to bee products, this product may trigger a reaction.

      Other than that, I think there are no known side effects to the product. If you’re concerned, it helps to get to a distributor in your area to try some before purchasing.


    1. Hi Richard! 20-30 ml each time, 3-5 times a day for 1-3 months, until the wound fully recovers.

      This is also the amount my father is taking currently, 3 times a day.

      Thanks for visiting!


  9. hai mam. . my mother have breast cancer stage 3. .is this product possible to cure my mother? pls help me. tnx


    1. Hi John! I’m very sorry to hear about your mother’s condition. Millennium is not medication and shouldn’t be considered so. I would use it only as a nutritional supplement to aid the immune system.

      At this stage, cancer is best dealt with directly by medication and other recommended treatment by her doctor. I sincerely wish your mother improved health.


  10. Thank you, Regina, for presenting this new product to us. I wonder, since you mentioned that it was expensive to drink every day, are there ingredients in this product other than cactus juice? If not, it would seem that people could just juice cacti and get the same benefits at a lower cost.


    1. Hi Debby! Yes, as I’ve mentioned, this product contains cactus, bee pollen, and honey. As for why Millennium is expensive:

      1) The product is made in a hygienic, state-of-the-art facility that is Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified.

      2) Cactus: there are numerous species of cactus. The species of cactus used is the most nutritious. Only the gel of the cactus is suitable for consumption. The processing of this gel is elaborate.

      3) bee pollen: to minimize allergic reactions, only bee pollen of a single type of flower is used. The inedible shell of bee pollen has been thoroughly removed.

      4) packaging: the packaging is specially designed to preserve freshness because no preservatives are used.

      5) Quality: the formulation has been well researched. The resulting product is of high quality. The concentration of antioxidants, phytochemicals, and polysaccharides is optimal.

      Hope this helps!


  11. I have heard and read a lot about different products to use for staying healthy but Millennium is one that is new to me. It sounds like most other products of it’s the type that generally comes with a higher price tag which seems to be the norm for good supplements. A product well worth the time to find out more about.


    1. Hi Travis! The price, as Roopesh had enquired also, is around $251 in Singapore after tax.

      It’s one of those products that you tend to go to in your time of need, like when you are in recovery or battling flu season. Or even for kids who need the boost in a preschool environment, where everyone infects each other. And the best part is, it does its job. So from personal experience I can say it’s money well spent with peace of mind.


  12. Wow! That is an amazing story about your dad and the relief that he got from taking the Cactus Juice. I am happy to hear that something worked for him.

    I have had Tinnitus which is ringing in the ears for a while now. Its so aggravating and making my daily communication harder as time goes on. Do you reckon that this product will be worthwhile of trying out?

    I clicked on the link, but could not find any indication of a price? What is the price of this product?

    I am staying in South Africa, do they deliver to this part of the world?



    1. Hi Roopesh! I am not sure if tinnitus is related to the immune system in any way. If it is, you can give it a go. As Millennium is currently not available to Africa at the moment, you can try a close alternative I talk about in this post.


  13. What type of cactus is this product made from? What is the full ingredients list? I would like to see a bigger picture of the product. I am all for natural supplements and immune-boosting plants. How does this drink boost the immune system? I think a breakdown of the ingredients and what they are good for would be a good addition to this post.


    1. Hi Andrea! This drink boosts the immune system by providing plant foods that contain a wide range of antioxidants, phytochemicals, and polysaccharides. Each of these nutrients nourishes the immune system differently.

      The species of cactus used in Millennium is Opuntia ficus indica. For more info, do read my post on cactus, the main ingredient. I will cover honey and bee pollen in time to come.


  14. Hi,
    Interesting article!
    I would never have thought that a cactus would be beneficial but I suppose they must be very resilient to withstand the dry climate’s that they originate from.

    I think it is amazing that your fathers eye became better after drinking the liquid. I am interested to know more and will do some research. I prefer alternative remedies so this is perfect for me.



    1. Hi Neil! To help you start off, I recommend doing a search on Google Scholar and Google Books using Opuntia ficus indica (the latin name of the cactus species used here).

      By the way, you will encounter research showing the blood sugar lowering effects of cactus–another benefit of this very special plant food. You are right about the resilience of cactus. It is probably no coincidence that it has adapted to its harsh environment by containing a vast number of protective phytochemicals.


  15. I have never heard of cactus juice, and was very intrigued by reading this.

    I use many nature-based remedies for healing my body and prevention of ailments and having a regimen that includes antioxidants and foods or supplements that have anti-inflammatory properties is very important to my health goals.

    I also try to look for creative ways to cook and bake. I am wondering if I could also use Millennium as a tea sweetener, given its consistency and sweet taste?

    Any hoo- thanks for sharing. I will definitely look into this!

    My best,
    Nerissa S.


    1. Hi Nerissa! Yes, you can definitely use Millennium as a sweetener as long as your tea is only warm, not hot. Some of the nutrients in cactus are easily destroyed in heat, so hot tea would take away some of that goodness.


  16. I am glad that the cactus juice helped with your father’s eyes. Sometimes it’s due to age, but it’s most likely lifestyle that caused damage to your father’s eyes. I was thinking about how it would taste, but since your son can drink it everyday without complaining then the taste must be pretty normal. You can probably even blend it in the blender with other fruits and vegetables and make a smoothie. I think I will recommend my friend to give it a try as he has been having a lot of red eyes lately. Let’s get some feedback from him later.


    1. Hi Blaine! You’re right. Lifestyle, particularly diet, affects the eyes. For example, diets high in dairy and mayonnaise do more harm to the eyes.

      In addition, the eyes are closely associated to the liver. So if he’s been straining his liver with late nights and/or alcohol, tell him to stop.


  17. I have always wanted a remedy to alleviate inflammation and this article came at the right time while I was browsing online for health foods. I have heard of cactus juice but was a bit hesitant to try it as it sounds rather unconventional as a drink. But I am going to try it now. Thanks for sharing you point of view about it!


    1. Hi Lily! The Mexicans have long used cactus in traditional medicine. Cactus is also described in the Chinese Materia Medica. So its use goes back to centuries. Enjoy!


    1. Millennium Red is specially formulated for those who want to consume cactus juice in liquid form but cannot take honey, royal jelly, or fructose for some reason, for example, those on low sugar diets. As such, it contains cactus and sorbitol.

      Millennium Gold is a powder product specially formulated for those who need additional nourishment. You may have noticed it is recommended for weaker people. It contains cactus, American ginseng, and Cordyceps mycelium.

      Note that Cordyceps is not recommended for those recovering from surgery; thus Millennium is more suitable for them.


  18. Brilliant!
    I’ve been using E excel products since 1997. It gives the whole family the energy and a healthy living. My favourite products of E excel are Triflora, ACT, Refresh and Millenium red. Millenium red changed my life.
    I’ve said this because, last 2002, I discovered a big lump in my breast and I can feel numbness on the right side of my body. I went to the OBGYNE specialist and discussed about it, and my doctor told me to do a minor surgery for biopsy sample to know whether it is benign or malignant. When I came home, I told my mom about what the doctor said and my mom said…. “before we gonna do that, why not trying Millenium first. I was worried coz the doctor wants surgery to roll out diagnosis. We don’t know yet if it’s a tumour that lead to cancer or just an inflammation or any that could possibly happens. We ordered Millenium red and I started taking 1 teaspoon in the morning and another at night. After few days of taking it, I was ill and couldn’t even eat. I did not stop taking the Millenium and one of the trained distributor advised my mom that Millenium is for immune system booster and whilst I’m taking them, the nutrients absorbed by the body and reacts to fight against any diseases. I finished the 500ml (1 pack that time) and still observing my body, then I noticed that the lump in my breast became smaller and smaller, this is only like 20-25 days of taking the Millenium red. I was really surprised and amazed of what happened.
    After a month of taking it. I went back to my OBGYNE doctor and told her what happened. She examined me again and she was really surprised that the lump (big as your thumb or bigger than that) was gone! She asked me what I’ve done cos I did not comeback to have my biopsy done or remove the lump. And I told her that I was taking a herbal supplement . She was amazed, surprised and of course happy that I did not undergo under the knife and she noticed that I look healthier.
    And now it’s been 15 years and lump did not comeback at all. We don’t know what was the lump ( could be a sign of breast cancer or any inflammation in the body that can lead to any diseases, who knows.:-) ) I’m happy and living healthier until now., (I hope) 🙂
    With my experience, “PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE”. Millenium is expensive but it’s worth it.

    BTW: My wonderful mom met Dr. Chen way back 1996-97 when Dr Chen visited General Santos City, Philippines.


    1. Thanks for your review! Dr. Chen still goes around giving talks frequently and I do hope you’ve attended some of them recently. She is always keeping Nutritional Immunology relevant to trending health topics.


  19. Can millennium gold kills cancer cells? I have a stage one breast cancer and have undergone surgery already. If only I have known millenium earlier I wouldn’t have opt to surgery.


    1. I always tell people not to treat these products as medication but food. As such, their effectiveness towards cancer cells cannot be guaranteed.

      Cancer takes years to actually be detected due to the sensitivity of the medical equipment used. They can’t detect just a single cancer cell. By the time you are stage 1, you already have a lot of cancer cells lurking in your body. And I mean a lot.

      A single cancer cell can be easily dealt with by a strong immune system, but millions of them by an already weak immune system? I don’t think so. Let’s not forget these cancer cells are always reproducing.

      So the best way to combat cancer at that point is to follow your doctor’s orders. You could have still taken Millennium Gold as a supplement, but not as treatment. We may never know what kind of lump Elsie had. Hope that gives you some peace of mind.


  20. the cactus juice will influnce baby brain development or not? how many months of baby can start to drink? tq


    1. To avoid the risk of botulism, give Millennium to children only after they turn one. That is the official advice for the product.

      However, I know of people who have given Millennium to babies as young as 3 months right after their vaccinations so that they don’t get fevers.

      As for brain development, I believe the benefits are more due to honey and royal jelly. If the mother is already breastfeeding, there is no better food than breastmilk for brain development.


  21. Hi, can i know whether millenium red or gold(those with royal honey) is better for toddler age ard 2-3? And which is better for women with ectopic pregnancy history?


    1. For both groups, if there is no concern regarding

      1. Sugar intake
      2. Bee products

      toddlers and women with history of ectopic pregnancy can all take Millennium.

      Note that the product called Millennium Gold is a different product from Millennium. Millennium Gold contains Cordyceps mycellium and American ginseng. Millennium doesn’t.


  22. some say that cactus juice can make the blood thinner so that the blood would not clot easily, is that so? and my father having Idiopathic thrombocytic purpura, ITP, so we plan to let him drink millenium cactus juice to increase his platelet level, can you help me ask whether this product suitable for my father disease?


    1. Your dad’s condition is such that the blood doesn’t clot as easily because of the lack of platelets.

      I haven’t found any research talking about whether cactus aids or hinders blood clotting.

      In addition, if your dad has any restrictions on sugar intake, Millennium is a definite no-no due to the honey content.

      I’m sure there are alternatives out there that are more assuring. Do look out for them. Ask a reliable TCM specialist.

      Also, consult your dad’s doctor if he is already taking medication for his condition.


        1. For our friends from Malaysia, do check out the various E. Excel offices listed at the official website for E. Excel Malaysia at

          Alternatively, you can leave a comment on the E. Excel Malaysia Facebook page. You will probably get speedy replies from the many distributors following the page.


  23. Hello,
    I have a question for my mother who suffers of a blood disease. So her doctor has been giving her medications to block the antibody as her immune system was producing too many of them. However she suffers of other side effects such as wounds in the mouth which prevents her to eat now.
    Would Millenium be great for her?
    Thank you for your response.


    1. Firstly, check with your doctor whether it’s ok to take Millennium. You don’t want it to interact with the medication or hinder it from working. We’re looking specifically at antibodies here so I would be careful.

      Remember to always treat Millennium as a food supplement, not a cure. It’s supposed to be taken as part of your diet, not as medication.

      If the doctor gives the go ahead, I would not hesitate taking Millennium 3 times a day since it not only helps in nourishing my immune system but also aids wound healing.


  24. Hi can i take millenium red if im diagnosed with polycystic ovarian disease because i want to conceive


    1. You are right in choosing Millennium Red because people with your condition are at higher risk of type II diabetes.

      But as for your goal of doing so, I’m not so sure. I know how it is to wait to conceive, you get anxious after a few tries. According to what I know there are some good options out there for women with PCOS who want to conceive, for example clomid.

      However, as women with PCOS are also more likely to suffer autoimmunity, I would say it is wise to supplement with Millennium Red for the sake of nourishing your immune system.


  25. hi , i have bought Millennium Powder Beverage Gold Edition for my mum , she seem like having stomachache after a while and continues the next day if she took millennium again ,
    please advise, thanks


    1. If your mum has a medical condition, stop immediately and consult the doctor.

      Otherwise,refer to the distributor you bought the product from, or contact your local E. Excel office directly.


    1. If there is no additional need, actually Millennium is sufficient. It might be more helpful to complement it with VISION and E-VIEW since we are talking about the eyes here.


  26. Hi Regina,

    I’m 8 months pregnant now. I was taking the millennium juice back when I was 5-7 months pregnant. A teaspoon a day. I’ve finished two packets given by my sis in law. My mother in law later gave me the millennium powder product, on the box it says no reliable data. Can I still take this powder product? I had some bleeding in week 28 of my pregnancy. Was admitted to hospital with contraction. I took one strip of the powder just two days before the bleeding happened. Not sure whether was it just a coincidence.

    Thanks for sharing the info above.


    1. There are various causes for bleeding and contractions during pregnancy. You need to find out more before concluding what exactly caused yours.

      Millennium Powder Beverage does not have the royal jelly and honey that is included in Millennium. This difference may lead to Millennium Powder Beverage being more cooling in the traditional Chinese medicine sense.

      Cactus is said to be slightly cooling. The royal jelly and honey in Millennium help to balance this effect. In addition, royal jelly is rich in beneficial amino acids, the building blocks of protein. So I’d prefer Millennium if I were to take it during pregnancy.

      As you’re probably aware, cooling foods aren’t recommended for pregnancy. Some people don’t care, some avoid them totally. I myself used to eat salads and soft serve yogurt during mine!


  27. Hi, i wanna ask how do i consume Millennium Red for a baby at 9months and a toddle at 3 1/2years old? I give them 2.5ml once a day. Thanks.


  28. Hi, May i know does this products suitable for Prostrate patient? My father in law has problem on this urine systems, so i thought to want him to try this product. After my research i couldn’t find article to related to his sickness. Can you please advice?


  29. Hi, my baby is 1month and 3weeks old now. He having some cough, nose block and some phlegm in throat. Can I give him some (few drops) millennium drink?


    1. Oh dear. Please see a doctor. Babies are a special case. At this age I’d only breastfeed–it’s way better than any supplement, including Millennium. That’s because breast milk is gonna be the thing to build the immune system and aid recovery.


  30. I received a box of gold millennium powder packs and I am cautious about consuming them. There are no instructions accompanying the box. I was told by friends to take the beverage any way I like, at any time of the day but I am wary and unsure. Do I take it in the day before food or after food? How long before or after food? Mix the beverage in cold, warm or hot water? Does heat destroy the value if I use hot water. Also can I take it in the night before I go to bed? When is the best time to take? If I wish to buy more, where can I buy and is there a discount or promotional rate if I buy more boxes. Thanks.


    1. Hi Christina!

      The box you got was probably a free gift that came with a promotion. But I can’t be sure until I see it for myself. Usually there would be instructions like “Enjoy anytime of the day mixed with water.”

      Here are some answers you’ve been looking for.

      Do I take it in the day before food or after food?
      Personally I prefer to take first thing in the morning. But if I have to take it anytime in the day I try to make sure it’s not immediately after food.

      How long before or after food?
      Try to have a one hour gap before /after food.

      Mix the beverage in cold, warm or hot water? Does heat destroy the value if I use hot water.
      Cold or warm water is fine. Hot water will destroy the cactus nutrients.

      In fact, the processing of the cactus is such that high temperatures have been avoided. You don’t want to undo that!

      Also can I take it in the night before I go to bed? When is the best time to take?
      Officially there is no best time to take. Before sleep is a favorite time for me, especially if I am feeling unwell.

      If I wish to buy more, where can I buy and is there a discount or promotional rate if I buy more boxes.

      Unfortunately there is no bulk purchase price, but distributors get some cash back in the form of bonuses.

      Do you know anyone who’s a distributor? If not, let’s see how I can help you.

      Alternatively, there is an E. Excel office at the 7th floor of the United Square office building where you can ask questions and see the price list.


  31. Hi, I am now 31 – 32 weeks pregnant and just started to take Millennium Red.. my plan was to take it one or two tablespoon twice a day – one early in the morning and one before bed. Is this OK?

    My intention for taking this Millennium Red is to get prepared for my CSEC on early Aug for speedy wound recovery.. Millennium Red helps right? I am afraid of pain 🙁


    1. Actually, the formulation for Millennium Red may deem it cooling because it omits royal jelly and honey. Cactus is a slightly cooling food according to TCM.

      So if you are one of those who want to avoid cooling foods during pregnancy, I suggest switching to Millennium till you are done with confinement.

      Otherwise, if you don’t have any other health conditions, I don’t see any problem with the way you are taking Millennium Red.

      Wishing you a healthy pregnancy, smooth delivery and speedy recovery!


  32. Hi. I’m currently experiencing swelling and pain at my right wrist. From the MRI, it shows that there is old fracture at my wrist and the tendon at my right wrist are swelling and it seems like inflamation. Doctor has given me anti-inflamatory medicine but it doesn’t really help. Will Millennium help to improve my inflamation at the wrist area ?


    1. Cactus is anti-inflammatory, so you could give it a try.

      In any case, do speak to your doctor about the ineffectiveness of the medication. They might know something you don’t.


  33. Hi. i have just went for major operation – hysterectomy. My friend introduce me milenium RED as i mention to her that i felt so weak, tired and pain in my abdomen after 2 week operation. What is milenium RED? i heard its good for person especially after operation.
    Appreciate your advised. Thanks


    1. Any special reason why your friend introduced Millennium Red instead of Millennium?

      The groups of people better off taking Millennium Red include those on low sugar diets and those with allergies to bee products.

      This is because it doesn’t have royal jelly.

      Please consult your doctor regarding taking supplements after your surgery.


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