My Liver Detox Reaction

A liver detox reaction may be quite alarming for those who don’t expect it when they first embark on a liver detox program.

You know, that is exactly what I felt when I started experiencing painful pimples on my neck and chest.

I didn’t even drink the recommended amount per day of the liver supplement I was taking:

But I was ready

In a way, I was prepping my body for detox. Because of a dry itchy patch on my neck which was getting worse despite applying all kinds of oils and moisturizers on it, I thought I should just try drinking more water.

It worked!

My skin is not super smooth yet, but I have almost no more itching.

I now make an effort to drink water frequently. By my calculations, I should be drinking…

8,000ml/200ml=40 cups of water a day!

But we all know that’s extremely difficult to achieve. So there is never enough.

I have also reduced my rice intake by half.

What exactly triggered my liver detox reaction

I started taking ENCORE, a supplement for the heart and liver. It’s a powder that you make into a drink.

One packet is actually enough for 3 cups of water. I thought, I don’t think I want to drink this thing 3 times in a day. I’ll just do one cup a day.

Around one week into my ENCORE routine

I would drink it first thing every morning. After a week, I started having these large pimples on my neck where the dry patch is.


Then I had stuffy nose for a few nights.

Right now, 2 weeks after starting, I’m having dry mouth plus ulcers in my mouth! Ouch.

I also have a lump in my neck, also where the dry patch is. It was sore a few days back, but not anymore.

What are these signs saying?

Firstly, the ulcers and pimples of my liver detox reaction are probably channels for what my liver is trying to get rid of.

The toxins have been somehow stuck inside my liver for a while. ENCORE may be helping my liver to dump the toxins. But this sudden release of toxins into my system is triggering their release outside of the body through my skin.

As for the lump, I’m not really sure, but since it’s not sore anymore, I expect it to go away in a couple of days.

Observe your body

I had never expected ENCORE, not to mention at lower than the recommended dose, to have any impact on me.

In fact, I was very worried, especially about the lump in my neck. Considering all the other signs, I wondered if I was suffering from something serious.

But when I traced them back to when it all began, I recalled what I had previously heard about reactions that can occur from the body adjusting to improvements.

Detox reactions are like that. They may appear as symptoms that seem to be worsening or even as new pains.

Liver detox and immunity

On your way to making improvements to your lifestyle for better immunity, especially your diet, you may experience liver detox reactions on the side.

If you feel that it’s too much to bear, you may decide to go easy on your program for a few days. Or you could be even more determined to continue since you’re seeing results! It’s really up to you.

Have you experienced a liver detox reaction before?

Do share with me what it was like for you!

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2 Comments on "My Liver Detox Reaction"

  1. “As for the lump, I’m not really sure, but since it’s not sore anymore, I expect it to go away in a couple of days”.

    Regina, not being there to palpate it, I am merely suggesting that this lump, was likely an inflamed lymph node that had been signaled by the normal defense responses of your immune system defenses nearest to the offending existing skin irritation and to the existing toxins that caused more surface skin inflammation and tissue damage while surfacing to drain out. All these signs are your body’s immune system engaged in trying to fend off the toxins to stop the inflammatory process as soon as these toxins were cleared from your circulation safely. search for and print out a schematic of the lymph node system placement in the human body.


    1. Thanks for the detailed explanation! I had suspected as such but couldn’t be sure because I’m not a doctor. It’s been a few weeks since and the lump has completely subsided.

      Perhaps my immune system was so preoccupied with this, it also couldn’t react to my staph infection in time soon after. It was a difficult time!


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