Maximum Prickly Pear Cactus Juice Benefits from Rhapsody and Millennium

I write quite a lot about prickly pear cactus juice benefits here because I believe more people, no matter which product they end up with, need to know about it.

Read more here specifically about the juice, and read here about why you should choose juice over raw cactus.

In this post, I’ll be comparing two of the best prickly pear cactus juice supplements in the world.

Rhapsody vs. Millennium

I’ve tried these two products. They are from the same manufacturer but are sold by different companies and contain different ingredients.


Millennium contains cactus, royal jelly, and honey.

Rhapsody contains cactus, American ginseng, honey, and orange juice.


The processing of the ingredients for these two products are held to the same standards because they’re from the same manufacturer.

The standards I’m talking about are very high. The manufacturing facilities are kept sanitized. The raw ingredients and final product are carefully screened for impurities and contamination.

By the time the product leaves the factory, it would have been subject to over 1,000 safety tests.


The processing of the raw ingredients is done based on scientific research on how to harvest and maximize nutrient retention. For cactus, this means low temperatures and quick processing after removing the skin.


In Singapore, Millennium costs around $251. Rhapsody costs more than $300 after conversion and PayPal fees.

Are you willing to pay $50 more to exchange honey and royal jelly for American ginseng? If you desperately need more energy for whatever reason in addition to improved immunity, Rhapsody may be the product for you.

Millennium has been around for 30 years, so it has a longer track record as a reliable immunity booster for people of all ages, including kids.


To buy Rhapsody, you simply register for free here with the Sponsor Number 00051089 and go through the shopping process. The product will then be delivered to you from a local warehouse.

To buy Millennium, you first need to have access to either an E. Excel distributor or an E. Excel office that sells it.

Even if you get to an E. Excel office, you’d need a sponsor in order to join as a distributor before buying the product. You also need to pay a one time joining fee.


I recently relied on Rhapsody to fight a staph infection and sore throat, going through 4 cartons of it in the process. I also gave it to my son when he was down with the flu.

For my staph, I used Rhapsody in conjunction with a colloidal silver gel on my infected areas.

I’ve been giving my kids Millennium for 4 years. Kids don’t take to capsules and bitter formulations easily so Millennium as a liquid supplement has been very useful.

I can even mix a bitter powdered mint formulation for flu with it. Read more about Millennium’s effectiveness here.

Which will I repurchase?

Because of price, I’m definitely liking Millennium better. I don’t have a real need for American ginseng. I am also not fond of giving my children ginseng at such a young age.

If the USD to SGD exchange rate changes greatly in my favor, I may consider purchasing another box of Rhapsody.

Buy Rhapsody here with Sponsor Reference Number 00051089


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