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I was really impressed with this product. The formulation caught my attention and I bought it. Get ready to level up your supplement literacy with this review!

Why Pure Essence Labs HealthGUARD Immune?

Pure Essence Labs healthguard immune
This is a product that contains not just 10 types of mushrooms, but in their different growth stages.

After 1 month

I took 2 capsules almost every morning with a cup of water. Watch this video to see how the 60-capsule bottle worked out for me:

What I like about it

  • Like other Pure Essence Labs products, it’s formulated based on traditional Chinese medicine. I was amazed to know this.
  • Even more laudable is the fact that besides the mushrooms and capsule casing, there are no additives at all. This is really hard to find in the market today.
  • The formulation is contained in vegetarian capsule casings. Low risk of crushed product.
  • The inclusion of chaga–more about that below.
  • If you’re not a fan of swallowing capsules, you can actually take out the powder and eat it. It tastes good!

What I don’t like

  • The glass bottle. However, I’ve been enlightened regarding this personally by Laine from Pure Essence Labs. Though plastic is lighter and less fragile, it’s also less recyclable. Kudos to Pure Essence Labs for using glass so that we can all recycle the bottle. I’ll be sure to do that after I’m done with it!
  • The cotton wool stuffed above the capsules. Is it there to prevent the capsules from moving around? No! It’s for wicking away any moisture during storage so that the product doesn’t spoil.
  • One bottle lasts you just one month if you follow the recommended way of taking the capsules.


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Why do you need so many types of mushrooms?

Mushrooms are rich in a very special group of immunity boosting nutrients called polysaccharides. Every mushroom has a different polysaccharide combination.

They are also high in iron, which, if you’re vegetarian, can help you greatly in getting enough iron in your diet.

In a balanced diet that nourishes the immune system, you need to eat as many different types of plant foods as possible.

Well, technically mushrooms aren’t plants–they’re fungi–but because each contains different polysaccharides, you are giving your immune system more comprehensive ammunition with a varied selection of mushrooms.


And guess what? Pure Essence Labs’ healthGUARD Immune isn’t the only product that’s making use of this principle. I’ve come across several quality mushroom products that contain a variety of fungi.

Here’s a sampling of what scientific research has revealed about mushrooms:


In a lab study conducted on human dendritic cells, which are messengers in the immune system, scientists found that Cordyceps helps to balance the immune system. Under normal conditions, it trains immune cells to get ready for invaders such as parasites. During inflammation, Cordyceps can help to prevent the immune system from overreacting.


ShiitakeAfter eating 5 or 10 g of dried shiitake mushroom every day for 4 weeks, healthy adult volunteers experienced an increase in two different types of T cells. At the same time, these cells communicated better. Scientists also observed signs of lessened inflammation after eating the mushroom.

What is chaga mushroom for?

With respect to the immune system, chaga mushroom provides nutrients precious in the fight against disease.


Scientists in Korea found that chaga protected human lymphocyte cells (a type of immune cell) from DNA damage due to free radicals.

Extracts of chaga grown in Russia, Finland, and Thailand showed powerful antioxidant and antimicrobial effects. The Russian extract is a traditional medicine there for treating tumors.

Anticancer effects

Talking about tumors, studies have shown that chaga has the ability to help the body fight against cancers of the lung, large intestine, stomach, and cervix, among others.

If you get a chaga mushroom product…

Try to get it freeze dried. Results of a study published in Food Research International in 2013 revealed that freeze drying chaga mushroom best preserves its polysaccharides.

The researchers compared the antioxidant activity of the polysaccharides in freeze dried chaga to those in chaga dried using hot air and vacuum and found that it could fight against free radicals better than the rest.


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24 Comments on "Pure Essence Labs HealthGUARD Immune"

  1. Hey,

    I used to take cordyceps and also mushrooms reishi.
    It had an astonishing effect on my body, especially the cordyceps.
    Pure Essence Labs HealthGUARD Immune seems like a combination of useful mushrooms.
    Have you tested it yourself and what are your impressions about it? Is it worth it? Did you feel any difference like before and after?


    1. Check back with me in a month. I’m about to open the bottle and start on my month’s supply–after which I will update this post. I liked this formulation so much, I bought it shortly after I saw it.

      But generally I find mushrooms don’t really have an, as you say, astonishing effect on me. I take them to nourish my immune system as part of a balanced, varied diet. My mother gave me Cordyceps when I was young. Now I give my son reishi as part of Nutriact, another multi mushroom product.


  2. With the almost countless types of supplements on the market, I must say that I don’t remember one that focuses so heavily on mushrooms. I did have a friend who would go up to British Columbia very year and harvest wild mushrooms and sell them to mushroom buyer’s who would export them to Asia. It was a very profitable business because of the high demand for these mushrooms. I imagine that they were used for some health purposes. Nice review though. Makes me want to try this supplement. Immune health is so very important. There are so many auto-immune diseases that affect so many people. They even affect our pets too. I enjoyed the article very much, thanks.


    1. There are actually some great mushroom supplements out there for your immune system. Do take a closer look at how mushrooms can benefit your immune system! For anti-inflammation I recommend cactus.


  3. Hi thank you for this review.
    It is a very interesting product, however, when you said it is based on chinese traditional medicine, I feel a little bit nervous. I have tried chinese ginseng once but Itwas a very unpleasant experience, the bitter taste stuck at my throat for days. Will these tablets have the same bitter taste as well?

    Normally what did you do to overcome the bitter taste from traditional medicine?



    1. How did you eat the ginseng? Did you actually chew on the ginseng root? That’s actually a sure way to get the taste in your mouth.

      These are not tablets. Tablets don’t come with capsule casings. Capsule casings help to keep the taste within so you don’t taste anything at all. So when you take this product, you probably won’t taste any bitterness.

      I drink water. Or if you really want to, you can brush your teeth or use a mouthwash.

      Be careful with what you eat right after or before some of the traditional Chinese medicine soups, especially when trying to get rid of the bitterness. For example, if you are drinking something to generate heat, you should avoid carrot, onion, radish, and other cooling foods.


  4. Thanks, this was very informative. I didn’t know that mushrooms and fungi were so loaded with nutrients. The first time I heard about ‘Cordyceps’ was actually in a game in which it mutated and started to feed on humans! But that aside I can see now that they make powerful supplements. How do these stack up against microalgae products like spirulina and chorella?


    1. In the wild, Cordyceps are very dangerous to worms. They actually do attack worms and grow from them, which is probably the inspiration for that game character.

      In fact, the Mandarin name for Cordyceps translates into “winter worm summer grass”.

      I looked into spirulina some time back and took chorella as a kid. They are taken mainly for their chlorophyll. Mushrooms offer a totally different set of nutrients, specifically polysaccharides.

      So I won’t say one is better than the other, but just make sure you get a comprehensive spectrum of nutrients from whole plant foods in your diet.


  5. Thanks for all the detailed information about different mushrooms and their positive effects on health. Very cool that they’re in this supplement. That’s pretty fascinating that you can just take the powder out of the capsules and eat it, if you want. I don’t think many supplements could market themselves this way, so props to them!


    1. Yeah I think that’s great for people who don’t like swallowing capsules. Also if they have any issues with the capsule casings this is an option. Personally I like the supplement in this form.

      I’m sure some people out there hate the taste of mushrooms so they will be bound to be thankful for the capsule casings!


  6. Your review and video was super helpful. I was looking for a supplement containing mushrooms because I know they contain silica, which has a host of benefits like removing metal contaminants, a sort of detox. I wasn’t aware of all the additional benefits you mentioned, so thank you for that. I will go ahead and try this too.


    1. Silica? I guess I will look into that. Thanks for the heads up! I love it when I can share what I know to help others. You’re welcome.


  7. Hi Regina,
    This is a great article and I’m so glad to have read this. I’ve been under a lot stress with work and I’ve tried supplements with various kinds of mushrooms in the past they can be so costly, always in the back of my mind wondering if there are any products with no fillers added just pure organic healthy ingredients. Based on your recommendation I will give pure essence a try. Is this something that can be used in moderation?


    1. They do recommend 2 capsules a day and that doesn’t seem excessive at all.

      With so many mushrooms and at such an affordable price, I would tell anyone to consider it because most of us don’t have mushrooms on a daily basis.


  8. Thank you for the review I learned a lot of useful and interesting things. I always wondered what the cotton was for in my vitamins etc.

    I started getting tired of it and throwing it out. I said it can ‘t be important. Thanks for clearing that up.
    And Chaga!!! I have been learning about it. I drink coffee that has it in it. I feel better after drinking it.

    And you say that the powder taste good??? What ??? Wow. A health supplement that taste good. How great!!! Thanks for sharing good stuff that helps our health. I am big on health and wellness.


    1. I threw out the cotton wool after opening. If you intend to finish it soon, there is probably no need to keep the cotton wool.

      In other supplements I have found packets of silica for moisture absorption.

      Glad you learnt something from this post!


  9. Hi Regina
    This supplement sounds great. I usually don’t take supplements (because I get too much energy and I can’t sleep at night), but when I do, I try to find something that’s as natural as possible, so the fact that it is based on Chinese medicine and mushrooms appeal to me. I live in Denmark and I tried to find it online locally but I couldn’t find it. Do you know if I can buy this in Europe?


  10. I really enjoyed this article. I had heard something a while back about mushrooms helping with immune function but never looked much into it. This product looks legit. I work with preschoolers and my immune system takes a beating. I’ve also been to a naturopath who believes I have parasites and a fungal infection based on some symptoms I’ve been having. Do you think these would be safe for someone with a fungal infection since the mushrooms are a fungus themselves?


    1. Good question! According to this book, the mushrooms we eat are just some among many.

      There are many types of fungi, but only around 200 are known to cause disease.

      So, I would say that eating mushrooms such as these to feed your immune system polysaccharides is perfectly safe even for people suffering fungal infections.


  11. I am very happy to have stumbled upon your article today, I have never heard of this company but I have gotten the impression they really care about our health.

    I was going to share your article with my friends, I did not see any social media buttons but maybe I just missed them so involved in all your awesome information?


    1. Glad to spread the word! 

      One way to share this post is to copy and paste the address in the browser address bar into your social media post. 

      But I will seriously consider adding some icons for your convenience. Thanks for dropping by!


  12. I never thought much about how mushrooms could improve our lives.

    Even though most of us do not like products in glass, they are healthier for us than the plastic and this is a positive addition to this product. Even though many of us prefer plastic, it is not as healthy for us.


    1. I believe you’re talking about plastic leaching into the contents? You’re right, you never know if manufacturers decide to cut cost on packaging. You also never know if their packaging suppliers are unscrupulous.

      The reasoning behind the glass bottle really touched me. I mean, I can imagine what a tough call it is for a manufacturer to decide to use a good yet fragile material as packaging. It could break during transport, so you have to take precautions. Yet, they have chosen to do the right thing.


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