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I know that feeling too well. The blocked nose, runny nose, and in the case of flu, sore throat that precedes everything else. So I have ready quite a few of the best cold/flu remedies. Here’s one for your consideration. What is good for colds? Echinacea. Scientifically tested to specifically target colds and the flu,…

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Do you suffer from colds frequently? This herb may be of help to you. What is echinacea for? People use echinacea for colds. The typical echinacea product, such as Echinacea Supreme by Gaia Organics is taken once you experience cold or flu symptoms, because the early stages are when echinacea is most effective. If you are…

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It’s hard to not keep talking about colds and flu. After all, it’s pretty frequent where I’m from. So you can expect that people have their own ideas about what is the best cold/flu medicine, even differentiating between kids and adults. Here’s one very popular option. Chlorpheniramine What it is: Chlorpheniramine is popular among adults…

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