What I Use to Cure Staph Infection Naturally

This is actually ongoing. After my previous post about my liver detox reaction, I somehow caught a staph infection. Here’s what I use to cure staph infection naturally.

#1: Cactus juice

Cactus juice is a powerful immunity booster if you get the right ones. You want to choose a properly processed cactus juice for maximum efficacy.

Available online at ELEAD Global, Rhapsody is not cheap, but just what I needed for this emergency.

I ordered it as a last resort to cope and heal myself before going to my ultimate last resort–the doctor.

Rhapsody is a cactus juice and American ginseng product. It’s not an arbitrary choice for me because I have previously relied on Millennium, another cactus juice product, for my family’s health.

I wanted to see for myself if Rhapsody is a worthy alternative. Read the details in my Millennium vs Rhapsody post.

I drank around 30ml at least 3 times a day, but really whenever I could.

#2: Colloidal silver gel

If your staph infection is on the skin, you’re actually quite lucky because it’s not as dangerous as having it inside, for example in the blood.

Plus, you can apply anti bacterial creams that will help to relieve and fight the infection.

Some time back I bought a colloidal silver gel to help heal my kids’ mosquito bites. I found it to be extremely useful for my staph on the neck, chest, and leg.

Staph vs pimples/bites

Staph is very stubborn compared to pimples and insect bites. It takes weeks to heal if you don’t use something powerful.

It also looks and feels worse than the other two types of skin lesions, like something is festering in your wounds.

Well, actually the bacteria IS festering inside there.

That’s why in addition to the cactus juice I kept applying colloidal silver gel–I used the brand Argosol.

At first I only applied twice a day, but it seemed like staph was winning. Then I changed my strategy. Whenever the infected areas felt dry or itchy, I would apply Argosol.

I also used the gel as a hand sanitizer
during this time so that I wouldn’t infect more of my body or worse, my kids. So I must say that it was multipurpose!

Two weeks later

My neck is now in the clear. I’m still dealing with one infected site each on the chest and leg because I didn’t apply the silver gel as often on them. I really should.

But even for these two, the lesions are not so deep now.

No antibiotics

Once again, I have thankfully avoided the need for antibiotics or a trip to the doctor.

I say this because I was once prescribed medication that was unsuitable for nursing mothers after I forgot to mention to the doctor that i was breastfeeding.

I didn’t want to pump and dump, so I skipped them and stuck with more natural options. I recovered soon enough.

Staph was new to me, but since it was an infection and I had these powerful remedies at hand, I felt fairly comfortable to give them a try.

But I must say it’s been a difficult few weeks. It was worrying to have staph because it’s not as common as the flu. People with skin problems and lower immunity are more likely to catch it.

Was my immunity low in the first place?

Maybe, because I was eating less than before. After I had to start cooking my family’s lunch and dinner, there were days I skipped lunch because I didn’t feel hungry. But I seldom compensated for later in the afternoon when I did.

I have since adjusted my breakfast and lunch sizes to fit in more fruit and vegetables. Proper meal planning takes effort but it’s worth it. I already feel much better with my new diet.

Feel like seeing the doctor?

Trust your intuition. Staph can get severe. If you think you shouldn’t hang in there anymore, put yourself in the hands of a reliable doctor. Get over staph, and start over again with your immune system.

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