What is Artemisinin for? Is it really safe?

Artemisinin is a phytochemical from sweet wormwood, an herb used in traditional Chinese medicine for fevers.

What is artemisinin for?

According to scientific research, artemisinin is effective against

  • Malaria:
    Unfortunately, malaria has developed artemisinin resistance in some parts of the world, so artemisinin is no longer recommended for treating malaria.
  • Cancer:
    Cervical cancer, colon cancer, and leukemia

Artemisinin may not be present in every sweet wormwood plant. So people looking specifically to eat artemisinin may turn to artemisinin supplements such as those from Allergy Research Group.

Can you rely on artemisinin for good health?

Using artemisinin to fight and prevent cancer is a relatively new concept. However, it’s not the only phytochemical that helps protect you against cancer.

In fact, every fruit and vegetable you encounter will likely contain phytochemicals with anti-cancer properties. So unless you have a real, urgent need to boost anti-cancer phytochemicals in you, I suggest you turn to whole fruits and vegetables instead of phytochemical extracts. Why?

Be careful

Artemisinin, being a single isolated phytochemical, may not be suitable for long-term consumption. Any imbalance of one nutrient in your body may negatively impact your health.

Find out which popular supplement you need to cautious about taking too.

We suggest

Here is an alternative you can consider if you want to increase your immunity against not just cancer, but also other diseases and threats to your health.

What’s more, it’s suitable for people of all ages. I’ve given it to both kids and elderly people with peace of mind about its effectiveness and safety. If you want to know more after reading about it, do leave a comment!

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