What is fish oil for?

It is common for people to take fish oil today. However, they may not be going down the best route for their health.

What is fish oil for?

People with heart problems take fish oil products like Super EPA Pro by Thorne Research hoping that it will improve their condition.

Pregnant women take fish oil such as Prenatal DHA by Nordic Naturals to supplement their omega-3 levels.

What is omega 3 fish oil?

Omega-3 fish oil is a supplement that provides omega-3 fatty acids in the form of oil extracted from fish.

Fish oil is extracted from fish, especially the liver of fish. Unfortunately, that’s where toxins could be concentrated because the liver is the filtering organ of the animal.

If you eat fish like salmon regularly, take note that deep sea fish like salmon tend to accumulate higher concentrations of heavy metals. That’s why health authorities advise people to limit their consumption of salmon.

What is omega 3 krill oil?

Krill is a type of small fish. For example, Antarctic Krill Oil for Women by Dr. Mercola is an alternative to omega-3 from bigger fish like salmon, to reduce the risk of consuming heavy metals the fish may have accumulated. Big fish accumulate more heavy metals than small fish.

Other small fish that manufacturers use include anchovies and sardines.

Krill oil vs fish oil

Which is better, krill oil or fish oil?

Considering today’s water pollution levels, it’s likely that all fish are exposed to pollutants present in seawater. These pollutants tend to concentrate in fish liver, the filtering organ of the fish.

So, the risk of heavy metal contamination remains even with small fish. Fortunately, there are safe botanical alternatives to omega-3 fish oil. Find out more here.

6 Comments on "What is fish oil for?"

  1. I like the teaser post, can’t wait to see what else you have in store. I personally take 1 tbsp of fermented cod liver oil on a daily basis to make sure my omegas are in balance. I think this has contributed to my health and me feeling energetic on most days. Thanks for the post!


    1. Hi Wing! Unfortunately this may not be that great for your health in the long run. I’m definitely going to look into fermented cod liver oil in an upcoming post.

      In fact I’ve been planning to write about cod liver oil and why you shouldn’t take it. Cod liver oil is really based on outdated health information. There are much better omega 3 sources out there!


        1. Thanks for checking back. It will take a while because of the research involved, but I will get down to it. Wishing you good health!


  2. That reminds me to go pick up some fish supplements soon, but its rainy out today so maybe tommorrow hahaha. Is it better to eat fish or take the supplements?

    I am assuming you are saying Krill oil is the best between fish oil and krilll oil. I already knew this, but I didn’t know fish oil was derived from their livers. Yuck.

    Oh well, I like the Megared capsules as they don’t leave you with the fishy aftertaste so many others do. Maybe you should write about your thoughts on the fish oil pills that don’t taste fishy. Do I get a consulting fee chaching hahaha?


    1. Hi Jason! The fishy taste is one of the cons of fish oil. Fish oil pills that don’t taste fishy aren’t any less dangerous than those that do. The risk of heavy metal contamination is still there. It’s definitely better to eat fish and then take other sources of omega 3 like chia.

      Remember, the liver is a filtering organ. Toxins get left behind inside. If you take fish oil daily think about how you could be slowly poisoning yourself, fishy taste or not.


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