What is good for colds? Acute Defense To Go! by MegaFood

I know that feeling too well. The blocked nose, runny nose, and in the case of flu, sore throat that precedes everything else. So I have ready quite a few of the best cold/flu remedies. Here’s one for your consideration.

What is good for colds?

Echinacea. Scientifically tested to specifically target colds and the flu, this is an herb that comes in a few variants.

Acute Defense To Go! by MegaFood

I had heard about echinacea from my husband, who had heard about it from someone else to be good for the immune system. Later I came across this product when it was on sale, so I grabbed one box to try.


The next time I felt a bout of flu coming on–starting with a sore throat–I opened the box and took my first package.


The drink was extremely bitter.

How I took it

It said to take one packet three times a day, but I decided to just take once a day because there were only 15 packets in the box. I mixed it with water at room temperature.

I took it as one of several powerful remedies, including Manuka honey and mushrooms.

Was it effective?

Yes! I didn’t know what to expect. After just three days, I felt much better than I would previously on the third day of the flu.

What I like about it

The use of more than one plant ingredient. Echinacea, black elderberry, andrographis, orange, blueberry, and cranberry have different phytochemicals to offer the immune system, so it makes sense to have them in a convenient form to help the immune system in its time of need.

The look of the powder is also a good sign.

What it looks like when half dissolved

The specks are not of one color. This probably means that the ingredients didn’t go through unnecessary processing to combine them into a homogeneously colored powder. Instead, the ingredients seem to have been separately processed into powder, then put together in the packet.

The effectiveness is surprisingly good. I took just three days to feel much better than I would previously feel on day 3 of a bout of flu.

What I don’t like so much

Its bitter taste. But that means there really isn’t any added sugar, so actually that’s not bad news!

The vitamin C and zinc appear to be isolated. I would be more comfortable if they were included as part of their original sources.

Would I get another box?

I feel safe enough to want to purchase this again if there is an offer, even though I do have concerns about the isolated nutrients. Why? It is a more wholesome unique alternative to common flu medication.

To buy:

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6 Comments on "What is good for colds? Acute Defense To Go! by MegaFood"

  1. Very interesting article. As I seem to catch the and flu cold often I’ll take this to heart. I think I’m going to try this out. I can deal with a bitter taste. Maybe mix it with whiskey. Who knows. That’s my usual cold medicine. Is the 15 packet box all they offer?


    1. Hi Doug! I’d rather you have it with fruit juice. But then maybe you’re using the whiskey to warm yourself up in winter. Anyway, there is a kids version made with the same ingredients: Kids Daily Immune which is powder in a bottle. You could consider that as an alternative.


  2. I am not familiar with this product, but it sounds to be very efficient with flu like symptoms. I will recommend this to anyone in the future suffering from the flu, I have a question for myself would this product help me when my fall season allergies act up?

    I really suffer with fall allergies, I just can not find anything which really helps me.


    1. Hi! Allergies are a different thing altogether so I doubt it would be very effective in your case. Allergies are triggered when your immune system mistakes something as harmful. It could be pollen, nuts, or just about anything. Your immune system then proceeds to mount an attack against the “invader”, which manifests as allergic reactions.

      So you would need to know what exactly in fall that triggers your allergic reaction. If you can remove that from your environment, your problem will be solved. If not, your best bet is to nourish your immune system so that it malfunctions less. Still, I suggest finding out what it is that triggers the allergy.


  3. Thanks for trying Echinacea out and letting us all know that it worked for you! I would love to try this out! I usually just have some dayquil and it helps cover the symptoms up but doesn’t prevent me from getting sick in the first place. I am definitely going to be trying this the next time I feel a cold coming on!


    1. Hi Christina! I’m glad this was useful for you. Let me know if echinacea works for you too. The thing about echinacea is that it’s best only when the bout of cold or flu begins. For everyday immunity boosting, you need a balanced diet consisting a great variety of fruits and vegetables. As many as possible. For more about that, check out this post.


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