What is grape seed for?

Do you spit out the seeds of grapes when enjoying the fruit? Read this post and kick this habit forever.

What is grape seed for?

Grape seed is useful mainly because of powerful antioxidants called oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPC). They’re many times more powerful than vitamin C as antioxidants.

Reduce free radical damage

Excessive oxidation in the body contributes to premature aging and disease. The substances that cause oxidation are called free radicals. In a study published in Nutrition Journal in 2015, all 46 volunteers had better protection against free radicals after eating biscuits containing grape seed powder.

Protect against UV rays

Even indoors, UV rays from the sun can reach us. UV rays cause skin cancer and speed up aging in the skin. So protection against UV rays is crucial.

In one study, volunteers who had applied grape seed extract on their skin before exposure to UV rays had fewer sunburnt skin cells, fewer mutated cells (mutations in DNA cause cancer), and more of a type of immune cell called Langerhans cells, compared to those who didn’t apply the grape seed extract.

Langerhans cells are specific to skin and mucus linings. They signal to the immune system for a response when something is wrong. So even when applied on the skin, grape seed extract can boost your skin’s immunity!

Let’s take a look at some uses of grape seed products that people like to take. Click on the names for more info.

MegaNatural-BP Grape Seed Extract, 300 mg by Healthy Origins

healthy origins

This extract has been standardized to maintain 90% polyphenols. It’s for keeping blood pressure healthy. According to the reviews, it works as intended.

Grape Seed, Extra Strength, 250 mg by Now Foods


The grape seed extract in this popular product is also standardized to 90% polyphenols.

The formula stands out for including two other plant extracts in the form of amla extract and rutin powder.

People love this for the better skin, eyesight, and brain activity after they take it.

O.P.C.-100, 100 mg by Thorne Research


This grape seed extract has been processed chemically to improve the absorption of its OPCs.

Which is better?

Despite the good reviews, I can’t bring myself to recommend any of them wholeheartedly.

I’m concerned that by altering the proportion of certain phytochemicals present in grape seed, such supplements may be silently doing our body harm.

Think about it. Mother Nature is wise. There must be a good reason for

  • The OPCs in grape seeds being only a certain proportion of the seed
  • The absorbility of the OPCs

To tweak them may do damage elsewhere.

Here’s an example

See how some of these products standardize their polyphenol levels?

In a study involving 69 volunteers with high blood pressure, scientists found that taking grape seed polyphenols with vitamin C for six weeks actually increased their blood pressure even more.

Consider the many grape seed products out there that use polyphenols instead of just unaltered grape seed. People with high blood pressure are taking them thinking it will help lower it.

Is there a more natural option?

Yes! Check back soon for more. It’s a review based on personal experiences, so don’t miss out!

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