What is in the swine flu vaccine?

All vaccines work the same way. That’s the key to finding out what is in the swine flu vaccine.

What do vaccines contain?

Vaccines contain very weak versions of the virus that you’re being vaccinated against. Inside your body, these weak viruses trigger your immune cells to produce antibodies that specifically fight the virus.

So if you get a swine flu shot, the weak swine flu virus will start a process that enables you to have the antibodies that fight the swine flu virus.

How is it different from getting swine flu?

sickIf you were to get swine flu from someone, it would be a much stronger version. If you have a weak immune system, it may not even have a chance to start the process to develop antibodies for fighting back.

That’s why you need the weakened virus for the vaccine to work effectively. It gives you the chance to prepare for an attack by the real thing.

So let’s say you already have the antibodies after taking the swine flu vaccine. Your immune system is able to attack immediately with these antibodies if the real deal comes along.

Will I be absolutely safe from swine flu after taking the vaccine?

Unfortunately, no. As with all vaccines, you may have the antibodies, but ultimately the fight is up to your immune system. Sometimes, you may still get less serious symptoms if the virus manages to break through some of your immune system’s defenses. In most cases vaccines are effective. But you need to maintain a strong immune system too.

Are you ready for the next epidemic?

We’ve seen H1N1, ebola, and bird flu in recent years. In all cases it took time for scientists to create vaccines.

What happened in the meantime? We watched anxiously, seeing death tolls climb. We took preventive measures like quarantining the infected and sanitizing our hands. After every epidemic, we heave a sigh of relief that it’s all over.

But are we better prepared for the next one? That’s the big picture we should be looking at. Do you know you can start protecting yourself today?

Don’t wait for vaccines

In the case of ebola, scientists are finding that a person who has recovered can still pass the virus to others months after recovery. A repeat epidemic could easily occur far away from where it began! What if a similar situation happens in your neighborhood?

Do you often fall sick?

You’re probably thinking that you need the latest flu shots every season to protect yourself. That’s definitely advisable for the very young, elderly, and other vulnerable people.

But that’s only solving part of the problem. Even if you’re protected against all kinds of flu, there are many diseases which threaten your health for which there are no vaccines.

If you have a well-nourished immune system, you will definitely stand a better chance against any disease. Think cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and more. There are no vaccines for them but your immune system works hard to fight them all.

Can I really improve my immune system?

You can improve your own protection against viruses by nourishing your immune system. It’s a complex, intricate system made up of immune cells, immune substances, and organs, all interrelated with the other systems in your body.

It responds well to nutrients from fruits and vegetables. The swine flu vaccine triggers your body to make antibodies against only the swine flu. But a strong immune system can quickly make antibodies against a whole range of viruses. So it definitely beats what is in the swine flu vaccine!

Not sure what to eat to build a strong immune system? Start here.

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