What is omega 3 6 9 for?

Sounds like a sophisticated combination doesn’t it? You really should be wary of such products.

What is omega 3 6 9 for?

There are products offering omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9 all in one serving. They are for supplementing these nutrients in our body. Don’t we love multipurpose products?

However, we don’t need any more omega-6 in our diets. Do you know that

  • we are eating 16 times the omega-6 we should be getting and
  • this excessive, unbalanced intake is contributing to inflammation in our bodies? The resulting chronic state of inflammation leads to serious chronic illnesses like heart disease and cancer.

What we need is to balance our diets with more omega-3s, because they counter this inflammatory effect.

Are there benefits omega 3 6 9 can give?

While these products claim to offer omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9 in some “optimal ratio”, I wouldn’t be in a hurry to take them. I would scrutinize their ingredient list before purchasing.

Keeping in mind the sky high levels of omega-6 in the foods we eat today, I would go for products that offer at least three times the omega-3 compared to the omega 6 contained.

Beware of these common foods: high omega 6 sources

Reduce your omega-6 intake by avoiding or decreasing your intake of:

  • Peanuts and peanut butter
  • Most cooking oil
  • Deep fried food
  • Highly refined food


Flora, Udo’s Choice, Udo’s Oil 3·6·9 Blend

Let’s analyse this popular supplement.

“Ideal ratio”

The product claims to contain omega 3, 6, and 9 in the ratio 2:1:1. This means that there is twice as much omega 3 as omega 6 in this product if we take the manufacturer’s word for it.

Let’s look deeper.


This product looks suitable for vegans.

Coconut, rice bran, and oat bran oils; Flax, sesame, sunflower, evening primrose seed oils: out of these, only flax contains more omega 3 than omega 6.

However, flax seed should be avoided because of some of the potentially toxic substances that exist within.

If there are twice as much omega 3 as omega 6 in this product, this means every capsule probably contains a substantial amount of flax seed oil.

I’m also not sure if consuming oils by themselves is a good idea. It’s best to get omega 3 in their most wholesome form, straight from the source with other nutrients like fiber which you lose when you take only oils.


The product, like many softgels on the market, also contains additives like soy lecithinglycerin and sodium carbonate to form the softgel. Caramel coloring is added to give a nice color, while sorbitol is a sweetener.

Thinking of taking fish oil for omega-3?

See why you shouldn’t here, even though fish oil gives you omega 3 too.

Would you go ahead to take an omega 3 6 9 product? Why or why not?

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  1. I like the information that you have put together about this. I have always found it confusing and you helped me understand more about it. I’ve been taking a rotation of fish oil and krill. Guess I need to rethink that and look into some better options. I will be checking out your site more later.


    1. Hi Scott! Good news–there are alternatives you can consider which I have mentioned in this post. Do try to do your own research too. Fortunately there are lots of places selling chia seeds and you may want to start there.

      Wishing you the best of health!


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