Where to buy the best immune boosting supplements online

In this post, I’ll be talking about two completely new yet definitely reliable products on the immunity boosting scene.

The best immune boosting supplements online? Why?

Rhapsody and E-Munity

Rhapsody is a cactus product enriched with American ginseng, while the main ingredients in E-Munity are mushrooms.

These two products are offered at eLEAD, just launched in June 2016.

Unique ingredients

These may seem like unusual ingredients to include in immunity boosting products, and that is so–cactus, American ginseng, and mushrooms are very rich in nutrients that boost the immune system, but are difficult to get on a daily basis.

Scientifically sound

While the company is new, the principles that eLEAD uses in its formulations and manufacturing have been tried and tested for nearly 30 years by a company specializing in nutritional immunology.

Spot the similarities

In fact, Rhapsody and E-Munity are parallels of the following two products of the company that inspired eLEAD–E. Excel International.

Millennium and Nutriact

Millennium is a cactus drink, while Nutriact is a mushroom powder/capsule product.

Product quality

According to what I know, eLEAD products are held to the same exacting standards that have won the E. Excel various awards and countless fans over the years. So we can probably expect the same good nutrition and quality from eLEAD.

Shopping at eLEAD

Seeing these similarities, I’m excited to see what shopping at eLEAD is like. Here’s my first impression of the shopping aspect (fast forward to 1:10 for the relevant details):

Is it really okay?


You can only pay in USD.

Payment methods

If you pay using PayPal there will be bank charges.


My free card

Note that once you sign up, you’re considered an authorized distributor of eLEAD products. There’s no customer option at the moment.

At the point of signup, you need to submit (via email or other means) a copy of your identification document within a month.

After that, this probably won’t bother you if you’re just looking to buy products. There are perks if you do make referrals, though.


According to information on the site, eLEAD is a registered company headquartered in Hong Kong and bound by law.

Site vs app

Shopping on the app is a smoother experience. It’s available free on Google Play and the Apple Store.

Free shipping?

After making your first referral, it’s free shipping for purchases worth 200 USD and up.

To give you an idea of what the shipping cost is like, I added one each of Rhapsody and E-Munity to my cart and the shipping fee came up to be 35 USD! :O

For more information

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6 Comments on "Where to buy the best immune boosting supplements online"

  1. I have been hearing about taking cactus as a supplement for the immune system over the last six months from other sources. The mushrooms I have known about for a few years now, so it is different to see a company starting to put them together.

    Where these products can only be purchased from referrals, does this mean the company is setting up an MLM system that you sign up for then recruit others?


    1. The compensation structure is definitely network marketing or MLM. However, you don’t buy from your sponsor. You buy direct from the company.

      As a sponsor, you earn a percentage of what the company gets from selling products to your referral. In that respect, it is also affiliate marketing–referring people to buy stuff online.


  2. I like the idea of natural products to support immunity health. To be honest there are so many options…each with their own promises…I really do not know what to choose.

    I think the lack of a customer account is somewhat lacking, but I understand their business model.

    I currently live in China, so I am curious as to the delivery options (and business options)…it seems everything I order from outside of China gets clogged in the customs system…what do you know about this?

    Thank you for the insightful article.


    1. Are you able to go to Hong Kong from where you are based? If yes, you can order and collect from their Hong Kong headquarters at

      Unit 701B-703, 7F, Tower B, Manulife Financial Centre, No. 223-231 Wai Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon

      They are open Mondays to Saturdays, 11am to 8pm.


  3. I want to know more about this Rhapsody.
    What is the real active chemical principle? Is it a combination of multivitamins? How is it different from Centrum?
    I had a great experience with centrum. Would you tell me which is better and how much does it cost?


    1. Rhapsody is not a combination of vitamins. Be careful of isolated vitamin products like Centrum. It is easy to overdose on certain vitamins when consumed on their own apart from their natural state in plants.

      Rhapsody is made from plants, not isolated nutrients. As such, they are totally different products. Considering the potential risks of side effects from taking nutrients isolated from their natural sources, I would recommend Rhapsody over Centrum.

      If you don’t have a nutrient deficiency that needs to be medically addressed, you are probably better off with Rhapsody in the long term. Rhapsody costs 200 USD.


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